SKI BOOT FOOTBEDS – Bootorials Ep.2

A rundown on all the basics about footbeds and what they do for you in your ski boots.
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Vlado Chiflidzhanov says:

Nice one!!! )))

freddie says:

Hey man, need some explanation. Whenever I watch custom fitting of these moldable footbeds, I don’t see that they correct feet position to neutral. All they do (or I think so) is putting feet in that silicone mold, standing up and that’s it. If you need to correct your present foot problem (e.g. overpronating), does it make sense that you need to put the feet in correct position in the first place and than mold the footbed so it can support the new (correct) position or I am missing the point? Thanks.

Li Li says:

synergy made me laugh out

Daren Weeks says:

I second that comment

Jayne Stackhouse says:

Hi, why are Nordica Speedmachine 10 boots better for people with flat feet?

OregonKid Productions says:

Is it fine to use stock foot beds that come in ski boots?

Dave Dyer says:

Man, these tutorials are great. Thanks!

Tissuse says:

are the footbeds that u sell trimed to fits or heat moldeable? how do they compare to custom footbeds??

Chris Bebek says:

Learnt a lot about ski boots from your vids but I’m still confused about an issue. I have tailor’s bunions and have punched out the toes to accommodate but would still like to limit further pancaking of the foot with an after market footbed. Should I get a trim to fit like superfeet or a custom? My impression is that superfeet would attempt to correct the arch whereas a custom would simply accept the foot issues without improving stance. Which would be more comfortable in the long run, I have no idea.

Yuli Fishkis says:

Hey man, great tutorials.
I have two quick questions.
1) Can I use the heat-molded ski footbeds also in my regular shoes?
2) If I have an orthopaedic footbed (which I use daily in my regular shoes), should I use them in my ski boots instead of the ones I got from ski boot fitter?

Ariadne Benzi says:

your videos are amazing, thank you so much for this tutorial! I am still confused with one thing: I have just bought my first pair of ski boots and these are comfortable in general, but I feel a bit of pressure on the top of the feet. The shell is not the problem but the inner boot. Before going for the thermo molding I was trying to solve the problem with a footbed as you recommended, but it is not clear if it goes on top of the footbed that came from the manufacturer or I replace it? This footbed that came in the boot is really thick, I think that if I replace it by another one I will have more space.

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