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A complete rundown on Salomon’s newest ski boot offering. The QST is the latest in the range of touring/ freeride boots


Braden Friesz says:

Great review sir! I have been using this boot since the beginning of this season. I have 25+ days in them and overall I was impressed. Key word here is “was.” The weight of the boot is a great selling point. They weigh next to nothing. But with that comes questions with strength of materials used. Today I found out just how weak the plastics used in this boot are. I had been noticing some discoloration of the shell in areas where the boot flexes while skiing. Today the area where the top buckle fastens to the cuff of the boot decided it was time to give in. The shell cracked and I no longer had usable top buckle. Needless to say, I was upset. So my point is this, you may give up durability for weight savings with this boot. For me personally I would choose a boot that will have both lasting performance and durability.

senseipt says:

Is that a pair of Åsnes skis I see in the background? :p Cheers from Norway!

papa marban says:

Insane knowledge you have, bro. Thanks for doing what you do.

You mentioned one downside of the QST pro, that being the boot board or lack thereof. In your opinion would the minimalist boot board in this boot make for harsh landings if one was doing big airs and drops?

The boot is touted as a “freeride” boot and I would think a bulkier, denser amount of padding would be available in the boot board of this boot. What exactly is the downside of this particular boot board in the QST pro?

Thanks for the consideration and I’ll keep tuned in for more of your great advice.

Iain Duncan says:

Nice review! Any idea where you can get the low-tech soles for these?
Also, with those soles – will these be compatible with Marker Kingpin Bindings?

meatandfish says:

Hi, have you had much more time on these boots? The price is lowering and lowering and I’m very tempted as I really want a one boot quiver. I want to ski them on blizzard zero g 95s (+radicals) and moment exit worlds with a kingpin. Any thoughts?

Pedro Millet says:

I really need to get a view on those inserts… Are they built by Salomon directly??

Daren Weeks says:

Great boots and great review

Stefan Frunza says:

Great info and boot but can you stop slapping it?

Joosep Erik Jüriado says:

Great review! I have a question though. I have Salomon QST 100 and I was wondering how much pressure I should put on a second buckle. Is it technically still a “DANGER” buckle since it doesn’t point directly towards the heel?

Brian Graham says:

Did you get a chance to check out the Atomic Ultra boot line yet?

LouisDTV says:

Interesting design. The colour on that 120 flex is super nice.

oddballjake says:

Is there a difference in this boot and last year’s 2016 model? If I buy, would it be worth hunting down a 2016 model for cheaper? I’m a pro patroller in Montana and can get the 2017 boot new for $386. If I can find a ’16 model for cheaper, should I get it instead?? Trying to make the smartest purchase. Thanks in advance for the help. Jake, Big Sky patrol

Daniel DKPHOTO says:

I bought them – IN LOVE !!! Thank You for recommendation !

Evelyn Kellenberger says:

Just got the ladies QST 110 Pro and can`t wait to ski…… Really light and comfortable. Cheers from the Swiss Alps. 🙂

fernando g. aguirre says:

totally agreed with you, this boots are just amazing!!!

João Paulo Alencar says:

What about Downhill Performance? it can be compared to a great alpine ski boot?

inklink6 says:

Thoughts on the new Tecnica Cochise?

Travis Harmor says:

Any chance you can do a secondary video showing the boot with those tech soles. I cannot find any info on them fitted with those soles anywhere on the internet. You’d be the first and only one. Thanks.

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