In this video, we are looking into the most important things to have in mind when you are buying new ski boots.

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TomHolmez12 says:

I have a pair of Atomic Hawx 120’s and they are sssoooooo light weight, like both of my boots weigh less than one of my dads boots. I love those hawx 120’s so much

ChrisplusTina96 says:

Can you make a video on how to buy your first skiis? It feels really complicated but I love skiing and don’t want to use rentals anymore

Scott Banham says:

Go to a boot fitter

MayurCSGO says:

Well lol I got my boots fitted last year 500 for the boot and 210 for the appointment so not really here for advice as I just got my Salomon 130’s fitted to fit better than a well fit condom. Lol just watching the video and he tried the same boot the Salomon Xmax 130

N. C. says:

The most important recommendation in this video is to find a good boot fitter and listen to them. Every brand makes all different fits, flexes, widths, etc. and modern ski boots fit better than ever, but every foot is different and there is a boot to fit every foot and it really takes a knowledgeable boot fitter to match the right boot to your foot. Your buddy may rave about his boots and claim they’re the best boots ever, but that is only true for his feet, yours are probably different.
A good shop with professional fitters will generally stand behind their work and guarantee the fit if you listen to them and follow their recommendations. If you don’t have a good boot fitter in your area, there are a couple online stores that have great boot fitters that you can call or email for expert fit advice, like proskiguy dot com, which is who educated me on the benefit of a good boot fitter. I called them originally to ask question on some skis but ended up talking about boots too and the guy I talked to asked me a bunch of questions and had me email him a picture of my foot along with certain measurements. He responded with a couple boot options that he thought would work well. I chose the one that seemed the best (a 120 flex Dalbello model) and they showed up at my door 3 days later along with instructions on trying them on for the first time and skiing the first day or 2 in them. I tried them on at home and they felt pretty good so I took them up to the hill. Now I’ve skied a dozen days in them and I have to say that the guys at Proskiguy totally nailed it, these are the best fitting ski boots I’ve ever had on and the difference they make in my skiing is incredible. I referred two ski buddies to them and also my brother and his wife, and they all had similar experiences. I’ve gotta say that it definitely pays to listen to an expert.

natskis says:

How about the Apex boots? The tech seems amazing. You have an inner shell that can be used as a snowboard boot and you can walk around comfortably in. Then you have the outer shell that locks it all in. Makes it a breeze for walking around and skiing.

Caleb Clothier says:


India van Doornen says:

what’s your opinion on the vacuum shoes from Fischer?

KalonJB says:

Step 1 pull out credit card
Step 2 get declined because ski boots are expensive as fuck
Step 3 cry

Karambit Marble Fade fn says:

Oh I just grabbed some full tilt b&e’s from online and they are the most fire boots I have ever worn. So good for landing hard and they save ur ass when you land backseat all while being snug and cozy.

Pringle Lays says:

Full tilt for life

Hej Hallå says:

Full tilt is the best

TEXT says:

Hvor er du? I hvilken butikk?

Chris Sortman says:

So funny, I noticed Jens was skiing in new boots… then I see this video! Now I know he broke his old ones… having seen him ski I’m not surprised he can break boots!

Tomas Molinsky says:

store name ?? in laax ???

Amfp Okotoks says:

What should I get for powder

James Madelin says:

Another great video, and yeah, think of ski boots and custom insoles as one purchase; as Jens says… ALWAYS get custom insoles, for comfort and control.

C Willa says:

I work as a ski boot fitter at Christy Sports in Colorado (one of the Denver locations) and this video is on point!!

MATTEO says:


Michael Perez says:

So did you end up with anything new since the video?

AG Coarseman says:

You go to a reputable bootfitter and leave it all to them.
That’s how you buy ski boots.

Eirik & Kristine says:

There is only one boot and that’s Full Tilt

Nikolai Vasilev says:

I was hoping to see trying the boot without liners to see if the shell is the right length and if there’s space for the ankles 🙂

Weedi says:

I found Full Tilt Decent 6 best for me

Schorschiist says:

Cheers man, great video! Now I wish for one about poles and skis!!

Danny Archer says:

Please make a skitour/ backcountry tuorial!

jeffff18 says:

Points you made that the garbage first “bootfitter” I went to did not do that everyone should do:
1) try walking around in a few pairs 2) quality custom footbeds FOR SURE

Mark Hamilton says:


timotej re says:

go to stor. take the boots. pay 4 them. easy

dphotos says:

The Salomon all mountain boot is the brand that fits my foot the best with a custom foot bed.

Kristina Skarbo says:

Where are you from?

Oskari Hiltunen says:


David , says:

I like dynafit ski boots

vladiinsky says:

I don’t think this video was rich of boot fitting details.

warnersims says:

Hey Stomp It, I think you should elaborate more of the ski boot flex ratings because based upon how you described it in the video it would seem that I have a boot flex that is to soft but in reality I never had problems with. For example, I have been skiing for about 20 years and I consider myself to be “advanced/expert”, but I’m 6ft (182.88cm) tall and only weight about 165lbs (74.8kg) and wear and Rossi 80 flex and ride a 186cm x 108mm twin tip. My experience with boot flex is when its too stiff my quads burn, because the boot isn’t flexing and my quads are doing all the work. I dont think anyone should be considering boot flex until the boot in on their foot and are trying to flex it. I look at boot flex like DIN settings — its based on height, weight and ability — which I think is how boot flex should be looked at.

Alexander Leo says:

There’s a new style of boots coming out called apex ski boot system, maybe you can get a pair of demos and do a review on them, curious to see what you think

Patriot Footbeds says:


treueR _ says:

Great Video! Could you maybe make a video about the right park skis? I would be really happy! Greetings from Austria

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