Are Full Tilt Ski Boots Worth It??

Just wanted to follow up my season riding Full Tilts to discuss with you guys if they’re actually worth the cost.

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John Smith says:

2015 full tilt classics single cable. I think theres more adjustment than the clips however they are a HUGE pain to find exactly where you want them, where as the clips i feel you could find your “sweet spot” and always adjust it to that point.

Nate says:

Any tips on helping reduce shin pain? I usually ski 2-3 times a week in the winter and by the 4th week I have the WORST shin bang ever

Jacob Allender says:

I ride Nordica gpx boots and I love them

Dj Mueller says:

First yeet

Maurin Heusser says:

thanks for this video i searched a long time for such a video about this boots good job

Bradman Gaudry says:

I have the single cable boots u showed on the screen. Feels great

Levi Bonnell says:

I bought technica mach 1s for the same retail as full tilts, full tilt just doesnt make wide enough boots and I needed a boot that could easily be punched because of my odd foot shape. With my old boots they were actaully grinding on my anklebone and I have tissue degeneration there now

Lord Chanka says:

I owned a pair of classics with the 100% cable system and now own B&E’s with the modified system. The original all cable system is fine in terms of adjustment options. I’d say it’s almost if not just as adjustable as the modified system. The only problem is the durability. For me at least, the full cable system was much more prone to cables snapping as well as the adjustment buckles themselves getting jammed. It wasn’t that big of a deal but I eventually sold them and the kid the bought them off me broke 2 more of the adjustment cables like a week later. So for me personally I like the B&E system better because it seems to last longer.

DJGeekWolf says:

How warm were they for you? Especially in the pow

3016 says:

insoles with arch support are a must for any ski boot

Walle73 says:

My full tilt 2017 descendent 6 just arrived today. And they were only 225

Connor Ritchie says:

Im really considering buying full tilts, and im really not sure to which to buy. Can you make a video on this? There are so many options im not sure which to buy.

Youssef Semlali says:

First third

Skorpio Vt says:

At what age should I buy a full set of gear instead of doing ski swaps every year?

Michael Perez says:

I prefer Dalbello boots personally but full tilt makes a decent product as well. Line and full tilt products made in China versus Dalbello made in Italy is kind of the deal breaker for me.

B-Rich 1 says:

I’ve just recently gotten into park skiing this past season thanks to you and your vids and am still trying to learn a lot of the basics. Do u think a pair of boots like this would be a lot better than my dalbello normal ski boots? Would it give me any sort of advantage?

Adam Bouwman says:

Second! First looser:(

Twin Tip Nation says:

Get boots that fit! Fit is key. I bought Full Tilts online and they just didn’t fit my feet right. I could tell my skiing was much less responsive. My fault , not the boots’

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