Union Strata Snowboard Binding Review

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I have been riding the Union Strata binding for the past couple of months, and in this quick video I share some of the features on the Strata and my experience so far. I think the Strata is a well rounded binding that offers solid performance in any condition. The binding provides the stability and response you want for freeriding, trees, and powder while also having enough flex to still be a solid choice around the terrain park. The two best features in my opinion are the new Forma ankle strap as well as the Vaporlite footbed. These bindings are comfortable and perform very well, I would recommend them to anyone looking for a good do anything kind of binding. Let me know what you think about the Union Strata down below, thanks for watching.


PiMpiNx187 says:


Dave M says:

Hey man ! How do you usually have your high back set?

ellstacker adventures says:

So cool to think about new bindings

stfn • wlf says:

Binding design is on point. Never saw a cooler binding before

Im VIVO says:


Peter Brezovec says:

how does it compare to the falcor?

Angelo Giovanni Ferrara says:

The video I was waiting for!!!

Bad_Riders says:

Deff worth the wait, giving me ideas for next year. Thanks tj! Killing it this season bro!

Dennis Neufeld says:

Great looking high back. How does the binding compare to Cartels?

inMotionSLB says:


James says:

you should check out the “now ipo”

Fabiannn says:

finally 🙂

Shred1904 says:

So want these!!!

Liam Mangs says:

Atlas vs. Strata
Which one would you ride for a daily driver?

Rob Rodgers says:

How does this base compare to the Contact Pro base?

pilz1781 says:

Can you guys do a review on the K2 Simple Pleasures? Hard to find any decent reviews on it so far, and really tempted by it

Phu Dao says:

I got to demo these binding out with the Capita Mercury 157 at Crystal Mountain WA last year. Its way better than my current setup, which Burton Process 152 with malivitas binding.

Steve Zimmerman says:

Niiice. Thanks TJ.

Chimp Hargis says:

Hey TJ, what do you think about switchback?

Pawel goliszek says:

Love the foot beds. Not a fan of the top strap. Feels sharp on my 2019 ride lasso boots

dave harrsch says:

As this came out, I was going to pick my pair up.

Gold Gate says:

Can you guys do a review on a pair of flow bindings? its hard to find good reviews for them.

Lucas Hols says:

would this be a really good pair with the evil twin? I’m looking at bindings for my new setup and well the starta is a bit out of my original price range I would be will to make the jump up since this setup will be with me for many years to come, however if there are any more affordable options that wont really be sacrificing much then I’d prefer that.. I want to get into park riding but still new when it comes to that side of boarding..

Alexander Dougin says:

Bought Strata. Great binding, but still Atlas is the best choice in Union line.

Paul O says:

Sold, got one. Union should do a special edition bindings featuring you. You rep them like no other pros do.

Feeder says:

SO i made an order of 3 burtons snowboard and they delivered it to the wrong house so now i just lost 3 snowboards and i dont know what to do i’m super anxious right now … I dont know what to do

herbert jauch says:

could you do a video about your top 5 budget friendly bindings from 70-80$ up to 200$ and explain the differences and why or if a cheaper binding is worth buying?

Bruh Sweet says:

never clicked a notification so fast before hahaha

dennis rynicke says:

Thanks for getting this review out as of been waiting for a while. I ride of Mahar Lumberjack 158 and I’ve got it narrowed down to the strata, Malavita and genesis. I’m weigh about 250 and primarily take it easy on the groomers carving around and having fun. Any recommendations as to your pick?

deadshutterspeed says:

them bindings are AMAZING!!!!!!!

MTB Reborn says:

Only problem is that they are 300 dollars

Im VIVO says:

Like when snowboardprocamp the best Channel on youtube is

Josh Archer says:

Awesome review as always TJ! I love my union force bindings, how would you compare the differences between the two?

ginge625 says:

Tj… I asked you on a chat about force bindings… Well just ordered some of these bad boys in hyper blue. Can’t wait to try them.. cheers ✌️

frederickvk says:

Had the chance to test these out last week. Having the Burton Malavita’s myself I must say they feel a little less schock dampening imo.

BUT! Overall they felt so good. The ankle strap is indeed so comfortable and the overall foot hold of the binding made it feel like my foot was really held tight and comfy in the binding giving it a really nice boardfeel. Having almost no experience with Union bindings I must say I was also surprised with how well the toe strap stays in place and feels quite comfortable aswell.

Also tested the Force ones that day and I might just go for one of those 2 as my first Union binding when I get my next pair!

jsfvids says:

how does it compare to the cartel’s or vs. the atlas?

Alex Christian says:

I love my Stratas!

Aaron Linden says:

where was this filmed. what park n mountain?

EliteOdieX says:

There more stuff so should I not get them for park?

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