REVEL8 SKIBOARDS // Review by AJ DeLong

AJ DeLong is reviewing the KTP 101CM Skiboards by Revel8 with non-releasable Revel8 Bindings. This is AJ’s first season on Skiboards but he has a lot of rollerblading and skiing experience. AJ is now officially in love with Skiboarding even though he was a little skeptical at first. I know it might be hard to convince some of you to try Skiboarding, especially if you are in to skiing or snowboarding. But trust me, you will be sold as soon as you try them, just like AJ was. I also realize that a lot of people compare them to snowblades or skiblades which aren’t nearly the same thing. I personally love snowboarding and skiing, but as soon as I tried the Skiboards, I was completely in love. Skiboarding is an amazing sport, it’s fun, practical, and easy to get used to. So if you are looking to try something new, especially if you are a rollerblader, try Skiboarding.

– Leon


Erik Pozniak says:

Hey ive bin looking into skiboards and they look awesome but I’m a snowboarder and haven’t skied in 8 years but I’m good at inline roller blading do u think I would have to relearn how to use them

Austin Gall says:

The key with being paid to do a “review” is not to be too enthusiastic or positive. Mention some negatives / drawbacks so you don’t seem like a total sellout =)

Kinh Williams says:

As a new snowboarder, who just got to the point of playing in the park and off the groomers relatively confidently, I keep coming back to this video and get blown away. Wish someone had told me of these before I invested so much time and money in snowboarding. I’m amazed I don’t see more of these out on the resorts! These are like the 650b of skis/boarding… best of both worlds it seems, just waiting to explode.

Billie Fingers says:

I loved your review. In Europe it seems Skiboards/blades have a lame reputation. Im currently looking to move on from a pair of 14 year old snowblades and Looking at your review I think Revel8 is the way to go! Thanks!

John Lumapas says:

What Resort was this?

Артем Дегтярь says:

What is the track?

themtdb says:

@3no Hes a good friend of Leon’s the guy who owns shop task i dont think that he is getting paid for it probably just doing it for fun

Light says:

how long was that board?

Brown Lee says:

what’s bgm

Zero Hero says:

That’s sick, im defo getting some of these Revel8’s if I get to a mountain again, I had Salomon Snowblades in the mid 90’s but these are way wider which is what I was wanting back then for side country tree pow runs, dude I was watching some footage of KTP and your rocking them better than he is, Revel8 need to bang out an AJD Pro model!

LOOO OOL says:

best shredder ever made you should carry a lot  more at the Toronto store 

Pi3trr says:

this is way better then reg ski’s if you’d ask me xD

John Lumapas says:

is there a video somewhere to teach you how to ride these things?

Karl Lindsay says:

Get in the bin……..
Blades should not exist… end…
Line make real skis too Brendan.
Also Brendan, are you referring to the company Salomon, or the historic King Solomon!???

Brendan Berno says:

LINE makes the best snow blades. I’ve been on blades for years and have several different brands. Solomon makes a more ski type blade, why LINE and other brands make a more board type blade. I use my LINE’s

Matt Healey says:

@realyfunnyboy107 i never skied before only snowboarded and i was perfectly comfortable after 1 run

alexcao01 says:


Mattojas says:

do they come with releseable bindings? (regular slalom bindings)

Jesse Brazle says:

Nice review………….what is the name of this song ?

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