How the Professionals Mount an Alpine Ski Binding

This video will show you how to mount an alpine ski binding. It will walk you through determining where to mount the binding, drilling and tapping the ski, mounting the binding, adjusting the binding to the boot sole dimension and then torque testing (release testing) the binding on the Wintersteiger Drivetronic binding testing machine.

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John Carder says:

What if the customer wants a DIN that is not recommended by the chart? I ski right out of my bindings at the recommended setting, using almost twice that to ski. They release when they should, but not before.

Pete1987pl says:

ski is 5th element and the binding is marker ..nothing crazy good because i just got into sking, that and i already dished out for new boarding gear…

Ati Bekes says:

Hi, great video. When drilling into a race plate, do you still tap the holes and use the glue or Locktite to secure the screws?

Mathieu Kaco says:

i have to know if i can remove bindings from my ski and replace them .. please help me …

Peak Perfomance says:

wood glue works great.

Maxingoutlife says:

you own a lot of skis!

Fred Coriell says:

Hi Pete- It depends on the ski and the binding. What is the ski? And what is the binding? Sometimes you just need to tweak the brakes out (by bending them by hand) to make them work, sometimes you actually need to get a different binding. Tell us what ya got and I can let you know more. Thanks! Tracy

cristian oprea says:

what kind of glue do you use in the holes?

Scott L says:

My wife, as a beginner about 8 years ago blew her knee out on bindings that were set up, (I won’t give the name) at a ski shop in West Lebanon, NH. I think they used a torque wrench. I’ve skied my whole life and always set my own to where I feel they should release every year. Sometimes I do it right before getting on the lift. I probably look like a total idiot with my screw driver out there. When I gain strength through the winter I may adjust them a little tighter. I trusted the shop to do it instead figuring they knew more than I. It really stinks because she was really doing well and she hasn’t skied since. t have no idea if what I’m doing is right but I’m over 50 and no problems yet, (as I knock on wood). That machine looks awesome but after what happened I won’t ever trust settings without checking the release on my own before skiing. 

Bruce Zhao says:

Thanks a lot
This is my first time to see the test of binding release.
As in China ,people do not care much about Din . We will merely input the parameters of skier’s information (etc. weight,height,sole length & skiing level) and get a approximate Din value from some websites or the Din value table.

and most skiers will set Din value themselves according to there own experience.

And i have never seen the Din test machine in China, although i have been to almost every famous ski resorts in China.

Learned a lot from this video.
Thanks a lot. 

Peak Perfomance says:

Changing from center mount back to traditional should be no problem. You should not have a problem with any hole overlaps.

Jason Proulx says:

What I learned from this video is that I won’t do this myself. A valuable lesson.

fistteam says:

I recently bought a pair of used Rosignals w/ Salomon S9 Spheric bindings & Salomon 226mm boots…The bindings were mounted for an extremely large foot, possibly sized 13 -14 US (I’m size 10 US), so wanted to remount them myself. I measured and checked the boot sole length and found that I only needed to move the (front) toe binding back (toward heel binding), by about a half an inch… Measured, marked & drilled and got everything fairly precise, but then the boot Centerline doesn’t quite meet up to the ski’s centerline (off by about 1/8″)…Is that a big deal, or enough to cause any problems, since it’s not quite in the “sweet spot?” Thanks for any advice, or help anyone can lend!!

Fred Coriell says:

Binding mounting jigs are purchased from the binding companies.

snsproduc says:

where do you buy the jigs

Nicholas Leader says:

had no idea there are binding test machines out there (outside of a factory).

LuminatX says:

I have these same bindings and i feel the toe pieces are loose on the rails a bit, like I can wiggle them, is there any way to tighten this?
Great video!

Peak Perfomance says:

Binding jigs can only be purchased by a retailer (ski shop). Paper jigs are available from many manufacturer’s for do-it-yourself-ers, if a paper jig is not available you would have to try your luck at “free-handing” the mount….which is NOT recommended.

Peak Perfomance says:

A release check is done to make sure a binding is in proper working order. Rental bindings on skis are subject to a release test at the start of each season (and periodically after that), the shop knows the binding is good from that. No need to do a release test each time the rental ski goes out since the shop is providing both the boot and the ski/binding. It is just when the binding/ski is provided by the customer that it needs to be done because the shop does not know its status/if its good.

Tim Blahnik says:


Pete1987pl says:

GOT A QUESTION..I been snow boarding for years, i just took up sking and its actually going in the market for gear..what i wanna know is i found skis twin tipped 170cm, with a tip/waist/tail as fallows, 115-85-106…will a binding with a 85 mm brake work for this ski since the width of the ski itself is a 85 ..keep in mind i dont know shit about ski gear..

LeatherFoot8Pizza says:

My skis bindings are mounted in the centre of my twin tip skis. Now is it possible to remount them to traditional setting with the same boot????

please reply

cber33 says:

Came here to see if I was capable of doing this myself….AND I can’t

Bruce Zhao says:

what is the name of that glue?


waffleeez says:

Is it possible to get one at home and mount your own skis?

Patrick Kapugia says:

I had an analog binding test.. gotta love technology!

Peak Perfomance says:

Excluding DIN, there are a few other exceptions…AT (Alpine Touring) boot soles are different than ‘standard’ alpine boots and ‘system skis’ can only use the binding that they come with.

Spam says:

Whaaaat?!?! Wintersteiger makes as automatic ASTM machine? I work for a major ski resort in Colorado, and they make us test it out with a manual Newton Wrench.  It was the bane of my existence for this last year.

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