Fritschi Diamir Freeride Pro Ski Binding 2011 Review


Taking freeride performance to the backcountry has never been easier. The Fritschi Diamir Freeride Pro Bindings combine the wide-bodied power transmission of an alpine binding with Fritschi’s new Gliding Technology for a smooth, natural stride. On the skin track, Gliding Technology eases your ascent by eliminating that hinge-like, tiptoe feeling. The Fritschi Diamir Freeride Pro’s wide footprint and toepiece hinge provide a larger footprint than previous Fritschi bindings, giving you improved power to drive powerful, wide-bodied skis. Performance, meet efficiency.

DIN Range: 4-12

Brake Width: 108,120

Sizes: Small(245-300),Med(280-335),Large(325-365)


14erGuy says:

Thanks for the response. I was understating my comments. I thought you did a pretty good job showing the bindings. As for the pricing structure, I don’t have much of a complaint with you the retailers. It’s my guess that Fritschi sets the discount from list for you? As for the “perceived market value”, that is started by the list price set by Fritschi. I happen to be on Fritschi’s that I bought used. I guess if I were wealthy enough that $500 wasn’t a lot to pay just for bindings, I would

evo says:

@14erGuy Glad we have your approval on the video. There are a lot more things than just materials that factor into the cost. There’s the r&d, production costs, utilities, marketing & logistic costs & that’s just Fritschi’s side of it. Think about the retailer’s cost too. Between all the employee’s from accounting to floor staff, utilities & other overhead items it all adds up. We both know these companies aren’t making $ hand over fist. It’s all the perceived value by the market.

14erGuy says:

Ok not bad I guess. Better than I’d probably do. I’m still not sold on why these bindings list for $500 though. No binding on the planet has enough technology, materials, or features to justify that price. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist either to figure out that the cost of manufacturing this binding is well under a $100. I don’t know why Fritschi hasn’t figured out they could sell 3x as many units if they just charged a reasonable price. How long before they try raping us for a $1000?

BlizzardGreens says:

UVM reppin! hell yeah

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