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Dynafit Beast ski binding will be available for the 2013/2014 season. It combines features of both ‘tech’ ski touring bindings and alpine bindings to make what may be a game changer for skiers who need bindings to support aggressive skiing but still allow human powered uphill.


snnnoopy says:

How does the toe release in a fall?

Elaine Nilsson says:

Rick is right. Has anyone fallen on these bindings and had them release? I know first hand that I had a pair set at a din 6 and they did NOT release.  

snnnoopy says:

Will the added metal piece on the back of the boot interfere with regular alpine bindings?

Rick Howell says:

Resepectfully, Bill, I was 5th in the U.S. in DH with 29 FIS-Points way-back in 1976 … and ski every day here in Stowe, Vermont. Kind regards — that binding has major problems. Pls (kindly & respectfully) tell us about the release tests you have conducted with measuring instruments.

Hermann eriksrød says:

Jævlig komplisert

kridsaron says:

I think that all the small breakthrus and openings in the construction lead to frost the many delicate moving components quickly and bring frustration because of disfunction for the skier when using it in touring conditions – frozen parts you can even find in very simple and roughly constructed telemark bindings.
I think it would be useful that the forefoot laterally comes from the connection, and the pivot point would be at the ball of the foot.
… have funn with snow 🙂

Rick Howell says:

This binding will snap a lot of tibia’s just like Alsop, Americana, Moog and other bindings that failed to provide a virtual pivot under (or near) the projected axis of the tibia to work in-concert with a lateral release between the toe of the boot and the toe mechanism: a toe-piece that rotates about itself but which does not allow the toe of the boot to translate (not rotate) at the toe (of the boot) toe (of the binding) interface — causes a massive blind-spot regarding resultant tibia torque

sarinator says:

Great video Lou, I hope it will be not the binding which put together worst of both world, weight form AT binding and discomfort of TLT toe piece.

huhhman says:

Sexy, better be for 1k…

Rick Howell says:

This binding will NEVER gain approval at TÜV according to ISO 9462 (“DIN” does not “approve” bindings). The lack of alpine ski-binding knowledge presented in this video is frightening.

Nyah Notrealname says:

No “flat on ski”, huh? No like.

Bill8643 says:

As I read your post I can only infer that your a crappy skier…. Lou Dawson has forgotten more about skiing then you have ever known.

Jaroslav Matyáš says:

I see some G3 Onyx inspirations in this

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