2019 Salomon S/Lab Shift Binding Review

We are excited to share our review of the Salomon S/Lab Shift Binding! This binding provides a whole new option for ski touring and is meeting the demands of a wide range of skiers.

Full Article: http://www.skiessentials.com/Chairlift-Chat/2019-Salomon-S-Lab-Shift-AT-Ski-Binding-Review

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Jeremy Bevis says:

Great review especially the facts ie Shift v frame and the type of boot.
By the way Jeff, you need to get some therapy for your neck problem.

Marcus Hooper says:

Say goodbye to the frame market!

andyram27 says:

What skis are those? I see the QST logo, but can’t see the waist width

Ryan Gunn says:


Rando Nee says:

Nice review ! Do you know if these bindings are compatible with the Salomon S/LAB X-ALP boots ? Thanks, Arve

Alex Tomev says:

When the toe is in walk mode can the heel still be locked down? This seems very interesting except when touring if the heel can’t be quickly locked down it could get very frustrating on a track with ups/downs during the climb.

Michael Perez says:

Hey Jeff I have a couple questions about the Dalbello Lupo Factory boots your friend uses. I see you have them on skiessentials.com for sale and wanted to talk about bootfitting. Should I email or call the shop?

John Carder says:

What range of DIN settings are available on this binding?

Peter Lustig says:

what do you guys think is the difference between the shift and the marker kingpin in terms of performance on the up and downhill?

Travis Rodriguez says:

What are they going to retail for?

Marc-Édouard Lapierre says:

Is it more fragile than the salomon guardian binding?

Philipp Klein Herrero says:

Oh yes, Thank you for this review, I was waiting for something just like this! I love that you show actual shots of the binding being used instead of just repeating the press release as other videos do. I can’t remember being this excited about a binding or ski! The alpine feel and safety is more than welcome (coming from a dynafit radical st setup). The only drawback is having to wait for a year, wish it was available already! Anybody feeling the same way?

MTB Mac says:

Waffled on a bit but looks good

Rabih Younes says:

is it much better than the guardian 16 ? what do you think is better/worse ?

Maverick5588 says:

Didnt fritschi already release the tecton which is the same thing but lighter?

Stig J uvik says:

Nice review.
Guess there will be new ski/ bindings when these arrive.
Does climbing heel lifter have only one height?

tompaj10 says:

you guys are mumbling for several minutes how binding is great but so far (5.37)nothing about binding, typical sponsored talk…

misterfunnybones says:

Looks like a very good combination of touring & safe retention/release. DIN 6-13 & BRAKES SIZE
90/100/110/120mm. We’ll have to see how durable it is over the next few years.

karlo Puma says:

Putting these on a qst 118 next year! Already have the skiis, its gonna be a long summer…

Michael Perez says:

Thanks Jeff! Great review and I’m digging the new color ways I’ve been seeing on next years Qst line. Keep up the great work!

Benzknees says:

Looks pretty high off the ski. How does it compare with a frame binding?

Euan Jarvis says:

Coming from more a freeride back ground, how do these perform on big cliff drops and butters in the park?

MrVrob8 says:

Looks like a true game changer! I feel like these on a pair of the new, lighter ’19 Bent Chetlers 120s could be the next purchase!

Scotty Talbut says:

What is the stack height of it like compared to a Baron for example? Looks like the boot sits fairly high off the ski from the side on view in the vid.

Benzknees says:

Great review, but couple more questions to ask:
1) How do those switch levers work when impacted icy snow gets into the mechanisms, particularly after a long tour when you’re switching back into ski mode?
2) There appears to be no boot stop to line up the tech inserts on the boots with the pins. Is this correct, and if so how difficult is it to get into the pins when there’s lots of snow & ice on the binding?

Jeremy Bevis says:

It is more what you were not doing. When looking to your right to talk to Marcus your head stops and your eyes do the rest of the rotation and extension movement i.e looking up. I would suggest you have a problem with Occiput/C1/C2 i.e the base of the skull and first two vertebrae which deal with those movements of rotation and extension. Possibly a whiplash or compaction injury to your head or neck sometime in the past causing a stiff neck. P.S Physical medicine is my job.

Troy Daniel says:

the boot looks super elevated from the ski… :/

Evan Thibault says:

How can we be notified when it the pre-order page will be available? Patiently waiting… Thanks so much!

Johan Wigert says:

Hey dudes! Great content. Was wondering what you think about (maybe doin a review) on the Atomic Backland fr 102?
I ride the Bonafide 17 model now but was thinking about for next season smackin these new S/Lab Shift bindings on the Atomics for use for soft snow days and some touring. Really want a softer more playful ski sometimes.

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