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The Burton Step On System is one of the most anticipated product launches of the 2018 season. Jayson Henderson walks Guf through the whole system with ease.

2018 Burton Step On System Boots and Bindings: http://bit.ly/2zXIW4g

2018 Burton Snowboards: http://bit.ly/2ynIHCU

2018 Burton Boots: http://bit.ly/2h49U6g

2018 Burton Bindings: http://bit.ly/2yn6tiI

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Mark Simmonds says:

There are step ins and then there is the Step On.  I’m very impressed with the mechanics. Here is my up close video showing the ratchet and cleats in action and the self-tightening capability https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFWS-o7mkQs

mikeoclimberMTB says:

Somehow I doubt any of these are as responsive as Now Overdrives. I have yet to see a video of someone using them that really lays down carves.

Josh Graziosi says:

How are these different from step in bindings that are out and have been around for a decade?

neilshirley says:

It’s a shame Burton are only shipping a handful to Europe. Any ideas when they will start shipping more?

Peter Soket says:


can i used these boots a normal bindings ?

Crusaders Of God says:

So when can we expect larger sizes for us size 16 snowboarders?

Ben Essig says:

Very informative and helpful video… Have there been any issues with accidental engaging of the release lever on the binding while riding? It seems relatively exposed and easy to disengage.

Faith & Action says:

I think the price is totally reasonable. Love the simplicity of the bindings & the edge to edge dynamic looks great. I just want to compare weight to my DC/Union combo. I’m 42 & try to minimize bending down to the ground as much as possible. Plus strapping in on gnarly AK peaks & ridges would be much better. Check it at faithandaction.net.

Singajik Nielsen says:

it’s just too early

BigMtnRyder says:

Geeez Burton.. Just when we got resorts to stop being Board/Ankle Strap Nazi’s! Back to the dark ages. I won’t give my opinion to those who can’t use a strap fast.

Mr. Carter says:

Will they ever come in EST?

Bruce Lee says:

how are they on the ski lift..??

Ittai M says:

I’d wait a few seasons until they iron out all the bugs.
Defects already showing up. recall made for heal cleat: https://snowboarding.transworld.net/gear/update-suggested-burton-step-bindings/
statement from Burton. : “We strongly advise an immediate update to the Heel Cleat on your Step On boots,”

misterfunnybones says:

10:49 I know it’s just banter, but if your ski boots hurt your feet, then you need to see a bootfitter. I ski & snowboard 50/50 & definitely wear my ski boots much tighter than my snowboard boots, but not to the point that they hurt my feet.

buck choi says:

great video, useful info, thanks!!

Singajik Nielsen says:

and the flex on the bindings?
how to make the item controllable as anyone that tried it and did rode a snowboard

buck choi says:

Do the bindings only fit on burton specific board with the slide system? (ones in the back wall)

Colton S says:

I’m convinced

Mark Simmonds says:

I was worried that the Photon boot would not be as comfortable as my Ride Insano.  I had nothing to fear.   I could wear them all day.  Like the most comfortable boot I have worn.  Mid point price range ain’t gone break the bank either.

Snoto Medic says:

Would these be good boot/binding system for beginners?

Jared L says:

The active listening of this guy is driving me nuts for some reason! But i 100% want these bindings #ImOn #StepOn

Brandon Lehman says:

How difficult do you feel it will be to use the step on and clip in while seated awkwardly in deep snow? Such as in “extreme terrain” where you hike to and the area isn’t compacted and is deep. Does the binding require a lot of downward pressure? Thanks

Jonathan López López says:

This is by far the most extensive analysis of the step on bindings, uploaded conveniently before tomorrow product release …. Hopefully all the hype will be worthy at the end!

the jedi snowboarding team says:

I’m in ….SORRY im on

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