What’s in My Ski Bag? FebVLOG Day 7

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Bangbangrocks says:

Thanks for sharing Fleur I hope you’re having fun!

xsmlwonder says:

Mike looked really cute at the end of this video!!

Sharon de Herdt says:

We have the same bed haha

ExternalUseOnlyx says:

Your bag and toiletry case, with the mini coopers. Are they Paul smith? I love them!

Sophie Says says:

I love my ski helmet. Maybe it doesn’t look sexy but it is soooo warm and comfy 🙂

Christy-MiyukiItachi says:

elizabeth arden 8 hour cream!


love love love your nail color! what is is?

tamasubi7 says:

I am thinking it’s Primose Hill Picnic in Butter and Sally Hansen Mega shine top coat.

ElvieArch says:

ugh… FINE MOM!

BlacRoyalty says:

yeah. thanks to maybelline for sending me mascara kit. but i can tell you one thing, you just need to give email addrss and tell them where you want to send. you can also get it from here >> bit.lyVgxoDL

Holly Greenfield says:

Hi Fleur, I love your mini cooper bag and wash bag. I know you mentioned where they are from in another video but i can’t find it. Could you possibly mention which shop? I love your videos and you always look stunning thank you! x

planningtolive_thebestlifeever says:

What’s the difference between a quid and a pound?

Charlotte Watson says:

I agree with the helmet thing, I don’t feel right without a helmet on!!

CarrieDAway1000 says:

Fleur, next time you buy ski boots you should look into getting them at a Surefoot store. They’ll adjust your boots an unlimited amount of times once you’ve bought them. At any store, no matter how many years after! They’re more expensive but they’re custom made boots so they’re literally molded right around your foot! Mine don’t hurt when I ski nor when I’m walking around the lodge! I can wear them for hours. Something to look into 🙂

Rachel Liu says:

i cant believe you ski <3 this is amazing.

AlmostPhoebe says:

whats 8 hour cream?

Mihaela Utica says:

your nails <3 what colour?

lalooshwashere says:

this was a boring vlog.

909me1 says:

thats not very nice…

LovelyLollipopGirl says:

I have the pink thermal bottoms!! 😀

Wendy Hejhalová says:

Have fun 😉 xxx

Heather s says:


mcr0118 says:

dont forget your toothbrush!

Sophia says:

i swear i’ve got the same shirt as you!! :O

Sascha Popwell says:

What nail polish are you wearing here? I love it! x

GoodandDelicious says:

I wonder why your Korres lipbutter says “tester” on it.

himmelkake says:

I always wear a helmet when I go skiing, too. It was considered really “uncool” when I was younger, but now basically everyone wears them.

Nayna says:

quid is a slang term for a pound, like buck is slang for a dollar.

MandolineMoon says:

so little color in your ski outfit!!

Hockey GK says:

where i live you have to ware a helmnet if you are under 16 but if not you don’t have to ware one

OhReallyClazza says:

Everyone should wear a helmet. I’ve been skiing since I was 3 and you never know if you’re going to fall (however good skier you are) or if someone ‘s going to run into you..

Katherine M. says:

Use go pro

bchbounds says:

hi fleur, i know this is your vlog channel, and beauty isn’t the topic; but do you mind if i ask your nail color? i just love it!!!

Alicia wright says:

i have those boots! they kill my chins hah x

Eva Emdee says:

buckling your boots will help the shell maintain its shape if you want them to last longer!

Sheridan Sunier says:

You should store your ski boots with the buckles done – it helps them keep their form

Julie Thuy Dang says:

yayyy you have the my beauty diary sheet masks 🙂

Charliee Seed says:

“Here’s mike and he smells nice” *sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff* exactly what I would do xD xD I’m so wierd xD x

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