MY 2017-2018 SKI SETUP!

What am I rockin’ this year? Check it out!

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Jaxen Phelps says:


ZeroChill Ace says:

Sick bro! I pretty much have exact same ski setup except mine are 2017 chronics and 171 but same bindings

The Monkeydoo says:

Super wide? My daily drivers are 108 underfoot… I mean they aren’t dedicated park skis but whatever

Jon Hakala says:

Where do you mount your Chronics at? Trying to decide where to mount mine, either centered or -2

Casey Goans says:

Nice vid, love this channel.

pewpew says:

What do yo think about armada arv 86 2018? Are they worth to buy for a few seasons?

Supreme Frogi says:

Hey! What skis would you recommend for me and how tall?.I’m 187 cm and i can do the basics! Hope you answer!

Silenter says:

Hey, do you think that a back protector is worth it? Did you wear it when you were starting park skiing?

moreno bianchi says:

Will you do a nosebutter tutorial?

Samongamers says:

flex on the chronics?

Jon Smith says:

If I’m correct you go to pknpk. I’ll be going there this January and I’m hype about it. Maybe I’ll see you.

Alex baseballdude says:

does anyone know a link where i can get the helmet?

florent cirneleaga says:

i have griffon getting tyrolia attack 13 for next season

Devin Wells says:

I went out and spent $700 for 2018 Line Tiger snakes (178cm) and Look Pivot 12s. I’m only 5’11 and 145 Pounds. So hyped for the season to start

Ethan Hugare says:

Haven’t even watched it but I know this video is going to be fire

florent cirneleaga says:

Tyrolia attack !!!

William Cheng says:

I have the exact same ski setup with the same bindings. Yew

Epic Jorik says:

Why arnt u on stubai?

King Floater says:

I’m sorry but those goggles are gay

Hayden Anderson says:


mian3x BOSS says:

one my friends is sponsored flow by line, sick dood

Angus Morris says:


TT 99 says:

why do you wear your goggels under your helmet, it looks weird, also try and buy a more expensive helmet so u wont have to wear a beanie under your helmet

Snow J says:

Super hype for this season y’all should come to Bear Creek Mountain in PA. Small place but if you come at the right time the park is pretty lit

Štěpán Jílek says:

I sell LINE CHRONIC 185cm 2015/16.

ViraOG says:

ID on the helmet? :/
Smith what?

Jack Pullis says:


Will Kelley says:

anyone know what type of helmet he has

Eikka Lipsonen says:

Hey i got a question. Im a starter and i dont know how long should my skis be. Im a bout 5’7 5’8. Please help xd

Leoxy says:

gosh im so pumped for this season

Sebastien Heaney says:

Tutorial on ski edits? I wanna make some dope edits but I don’t know how to make them descent

BoyVelocity says:

what kind of googles you recommend

Jack Wilson says:

new setup video?

Lucas Isdahl says:


MightyStev says:

He own a Helmet verry good

TEXT says:

Im all about the thin width on skies. I have some old thin dynastar (1m65cm) I am in love with them. Thin long bendable and everything, and the graphics are so cool

True Jadoon says:

Dude I agree I ride 2014 afterbangs

Ben Johnson says:

Get your self some real bindings aka pivots

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