Skiwax for waxless skis

Learn how to improve and maintain your waxless cross country skis.
Adapted from Velotique’s waxing clinic.


velotique says:

I’m glad.

Peter Doyle says:

so what about glide wax in the glide zone? or is glidewax only applied to the kick zone? why wouldn’t you put glide wax in the glide zone?

Martin Blick says:

hi, I have a pair of atomic motion 52 skis with fishcale grips. should I wax them?   with what?

coolbluelights says:

wow, for 3 years i’ve been practicing without glide wax on my waxless skis and wondering why the glide is so lousy…. I guess I better get some!

Greya says:

Thank you very much ) want a wax review for waxLESS )

w5monkey says:

cool thanks!

MisterTMH says:

I wax all my fish scale pattern base XC skis. When it is icy the wax is stripped off the base and I need to apply it again.

Christophe Bejjani says:

I have a crown ski and there is gouge at the edge in the crown area. The gouge is small but reached the material under the base. Can this be fixed and if not, how bad is it if left un-repared? I am afraid that if P-Tex is applied on this crown area, it will be hard to smooth it due to the complex shapes around it

Enzo T says:

If I understand clearly, I would apply my liquid wax, “only” to the fishscale area of my cross country skis? Thanks for the video!

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