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Karoline is living in a little village near Lillehammer in Norway. Skiing has always been a special thing for her. She invites you on the course, to discover one of the most beautiful landscape where we have been and share her way of life.


Sonata Kay says:

I love your work so much ! Breathtaking !

Вахрушев Павел says:

Such an amazing and inspiring video! Beautiful girl 🙂
It was filmed by Alexis Beouf, biathlete right? Big surprise if it’s truth 🙂

Gilles Morin says:

Ces prises de vues me font penser à la Forêt Montmorency…

Amogha Varsha says:

Inspiring … thanks Salomon for bringing out such beautiful videos 🙂

imagesandshadows says:


Nullerjoe says:

What is this? Some unimportant hot norwegian chick doing nothing.. I want Salomon Freeski tv back, not this!

The0069alberto says:

Omg, can i marry her? Perfect video, perfect girl.

moreno pigliacelli says:

God bless you Karoline!!

ptinoe doudou says:

super boulot Alexis / Great job Alexis boeuf .
Alexis boeuf Was biathlete on IBU WC circuit ( french team)
now he s comment biathlon on french TV sport and go Great report inside french team

R Gonzales says:

Only a month left before my first trail run race and I feel like backing out because of self-doubt. This video hit me with “They dont care about results. They just want to run and have fun.”Ahhh! Bring it on then!

William Harding says:

That’s it folks. I’m moving to Norway.

Dmitry sent says:

beautiful girl!

s says:

so is she professional? how does she earn a living? I don’t relate to this at all despite her saying she is like all of us…

İshak Dogru says:

So cool

Alan Ross says:

What the beautiful place and what the beautiful girl!

gancho12 says:

thanks Karoline, beautiful soul

Samuel Cornus says:

et sinon tu travailles pas?

Ben Freespirit says:

Love how the salomon members live their lives, one with nature, the mountains, and the fact most or all of them understand the healing frequencies of nature and how you can reciprocate that energy back to yourself. Being in touch with the higher dimensional reality of infinite good.

123amckee says:

nice video, i just greet the sunrise and am a professional hot chocolate drinker too.

Kg Sobott says:

Yearning for this type of existence… So jealous ( in a good way of course ), and so happy for you at the same time Karoline Conradi Øksnevad

Maynard says:

Beautiful area & my kind of winter.

Александр Бобылёв says:

*From Russia with love <3 Married me?*

piper jazzy says:

Best Salomon video ever. Thank you!

Joe McCohn says:

Terrible … where is God , family in her life ? Empty life with only one goal – hapiness. Western white civilisation must die if this is a white woman of Europe…

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