Cross-country nordic skiing in summer in New York!

Cross-country nordic skiing in summer and winter! A Skike is a sports device consisting of two wheels attached to a frame that can be strapped onto the rider’s shoe. Similarly to roller skis, the Skike has a wheel in front and at the tail of an aluminum frame that can be attached to the foot. However, unlike roller skis and roller skates the tires are pneumatic.

The name Skike is a combination of skate and bike. The Skike rider moves forward in a skating motion, usually with poles, similarly to normal Cross Country Skate Skiing.

Unlike on the roller skates and inline skates, Skikes use a pair of large 15-cm (5.9 in) wheels shod in inflatable tires — that’s where the “bike” part comes in. They’re also considerably longer than the foot, with the wheels placed at the very front and very back, connected by a lightweight frame. Instead of the full shoe of other skate designs, Skike’s design is more open and light, using a series of three straps to secure foot to frame, and a braking system providing stopping power. They’re designed to be used for both street and light off-road applications (think smooth paths).

One of the latest models, the Skike V8 adds a heel-lift system, giving Skikers the option of regular skating or diagonal stride skating. Skikers can open or lock the heel lift on the fly with a toggle switch.

The skates are designed to be used with poles in a sort of warm-weather version of cross country/Nordic skiing. With Skike, 90 percent of your muscle mass is worked, providing a fun, complete workout.


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