Beginners Guide to Cross-Country Skiing

In this video we introduce you to the sport of cross-country skiing (classic style). Starting with a look at the equipment, we then show you how to ski the standard diagonal stride. We next turn to skiing up and down hills with the herringbone and snowplough techniques. This video is ideal for anyone starting out in cross-country skiing or looking to improve their technique.

Links to chapters:
Diagonal stride:
Going uphill:
Going downhill:
Final tips:


Nicky L Hunter says:

Brilliant video – really clear and easy to understand. Thanks! 🙂

Gwingeth Túrel says:

I have not crossed country skied in years. Do modern ski’s need to be waxed and if so then how often?

Thilini Pathigoda says:

Thank you so much, clear and great tips!, please keep posting videos..

Tentative Dan says:

Looking forward to getting my first set of cross country skis! Thanks for the great video

Unicorn Lover224 says:

Hey um this video did not help at all

Dan Christ says:

Its like speed walking on skis !

Ahmed Khalaf says:

excellent short course

Josep Llauradó says:

Great video! We’ll give it a try next week!

MisterTMH says:

I’d give the manual NNN BC bindings a go. The Automatic clip in bindings are a bit hit or miss esp. if they clog up with ice.

Rather B Outside says:

Thanks for the video! Very helpful

TuckerSP2011 says:

Very good!!!

Adam Skead says:

I think it would be fun to ski and also be great for working on my balance for curling

dpb1997 says:

Thanks for the great video. I live in Calgary, Canada. It’s been a particularly long and snowy winter so I have decided to look into cross country skiing. Your video was very helpful.

Edmund007013 says:

Thank you for the great teaching video

Diego Maicu says:

Toblach is a wonderful place

Michelle G. says:

Thanks for the video, just bought my Ski and starting this season! Can’t wait 😀

Christine Tao says:

I wonder what type of accent you have

Gunks Hunter says:

Excellent video! Well done! First cross country trip for me tomorrow.

Fatal Capsaicin says:

Nice video

Scott Ransmeier says:


Melissa Appenrodt says:

what type of coat are you wearing, my husband really likes it . . is it fleece? what type of material is it

Luciano Poggiali says:

Thanks. Excellent tutorial, the best on the subject. It helped me a lot!

al3030 says:

Loved the bloopers at the end. Nice video!

MisterTMH says:

I would not put too much weight forward when going down hill and don’t remain bolt upright or you will have a nasty fall and go forward and tumble .If you must crash on a descent then having your buttock ready for the impact is better. You should sit your weight down onto your ankles and bindings and lower your centre of gravity .Bend the knees!!!

4everNarayani says:

Thanks so much!

Araceli G. Ø says:

Fantastic video! It has helped me so much!

Lefty McManus says:

Very informative, I just started CCS, great fun.

Paula Lysinger says:

Very informative. Thank you!

Sunny Tian says:

Great teaching! Thanks a lot~

M SeS says:

:). Looking forward to get out there and try it!

Ian Keegan says:

Thanks for the video dude! Hahaha bloopers were hilarious

Hansen Peter says:

Skating is the real xc technique.

MrSimonmcc says:

*Beginner’s Guide or Beginners’ Guide.

Reza Afshar says:

Thanks for the video!

c w says:

So , can you traditional ski on a groomed trail without tracks in them ?

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