Backcountry Nordic Skiing with Bushcraft Girl – Techniques & Gear for wet weather

I am preparing for a ski crossing of Hardangervidda Glacial Plateau in Norway some weeks from now. Today we had some nasty wet weather that gave me a great chance to try out my wet weather setup. British DPM Cammo rain gear and Butter – wet snow wax by Dominator Waxes. Enjoy!


Adventures with Frodo says:

Goretex does not work for me. Latest wet cold gear is……..

Tania says:

Good luck at Hardangervidda:-) Greetings from Norway

The Last Grownup in the Woods says:

I just moved to a much warmer place. I’m having trouble dealing with the skiing in warm weather. This was helpful. Does the emergency blankets pose a fire danger if they are that close to the candle? Thanks. Subbed.

TJack Survival says:

Great video Susan. All solid points.

EffyJnr™ says:

Fantastic Video Hun
Absolutely Amazing.
Nice to see you on video yet again, never get tired of seeing you online.
Stay Safe & God Bless

downeast primitive skills says:

I run waxable skis. Sometimes conditions change within feet, sunny and shady conditions, in such time wax choice can be tricky. I often plan my route to be all woods or all open, in an attempt to keep the weight and drag off the bottom of the ski. I am still trying to avoid waxless skis. Figuring wax for the day is part of what I enjoy about skiing, it can be a challenge. The reward is quiet smooth glides, and optium hill climbing abilities. Getting these two things to come together is a beautiful thing.

I was almost hoping this Butter was a magical item, I am safe. As a side, sad note, I’m looking out my window at bare ground and temps in the 40’s today.

Sara Skold says:

Shall you be camping out during this trip?

RViscara says:

It’s very clear your very skilled and experienced in what your speaking about thru your videos. People should take note to experience and wisdom unlike another female YouTube German girl who resorts to doing bushcraft videos as if she is a experienced person when it’s clear she is not. The other female I am speaking of also does not actually do trips she plops herself in the same spot every video no actual adventure trips or camps. Your channel is the real deal. Keep up the great work.

Pathfinder; Fergus Films says:

Hi Suzanne. Great weather so it is. Hope your doing well, you look like you are. All the best for your next trip.

SouthPaw Bushcraft says:

I completely agree. Living in a cold snowy environment myself I often get people say how cold it looks when its snowing. I tell them the same thing. Usually when its snowing its warmer. That wet heavy snow is a killer. Great info here, great system you have there there. I still don’t have the perfect setup I working on it yet. The sweating thing is such an issue. Take layers off and you get wet from the snow. So its still a work in progress for me. Safe travels on your trip! ~Dawn

Steintanz says:

Thanks for the tips, esp. the “butter” is really good to know about! – So will you go up on Hardangerjökulen, too?

Burke Feaster says:

Great tips. Great journies.

Taromovies Swiss Bushcraft & Survival says:

you’re right, so many people asking me so many times why i don’t wear gloves and its so easy to understand, you just have to find the right movement in the right speed in combination with your clothing so you don’t overheat and sweat too much because it would change very fast and you get cold very cold!!! great sharing of experience and knowledge in this video, take care, Taro

Edwin Acevedo says:

Sussane I get it, you’re not freezing you’re ass. Shut up and play the flute…please.

thetopicala says:

Great vid! “micro pause” moving was very interesting to notice even though I have done it unconsciously now that I start thinking to this. Thanks, osmo

schnorres58 says:

Great video and a lot of good tips,

tara brave wolf says:

thanks, awesome info so beautiful there. love the videos. 🙂

Wilfred Oikle says:

My solution to wet heavy snow , pick another day.I’m a wimp. Not really. I have been out in worse than that, camping in zero weather with the same stuff our Mt Men used in the early 1800′ trapping beaver in the Rockies. Three ways to keep warm, wool, wool and more wool. Stay warm everyone.


Hallo Susanne,
so schöne Wintertour, die Jacke steht dir gut…super Teil, danke fürs zeigen. Liebe Grüße dalass Tino

Ine S. says:

Oh wow. As a kid from Northern Norway, semi-annual skiing trips used to be an obligatory part of school. I always hated it. If I could fake sick and stay at home, I would. But watching your video has made me miss skiing.

Turtle Bushcraft says:

Some really great tips and information thanks for sharing atb john

Robin Simmerle says:

awesome video again! Keep it coming!

Bobby Shields says:

Hey Susanne Great video I really enjoyed your tips!! You sure know your stuff. Thanks for sharing and all the best in Norway! ! ~Bob~

Yankee says:

I need that life.

Anthony Romano says:

Most all people just look at me like I am insane when I say I like backpacking-in the snow. Hope we get to see some of Norway.

Troy Reynolds says:

Have fun on your trip .

In the Woods with Bigfoot says:

Great video! Have you tried using snow boarding pants and if so, would you recommend them for cold weather hiking? Thanks!

jwrappuhn71 says:

Excellent vid Susan, a lot of good info.

UTE avdelingen - Outdoors Norway says:

We wish you all good for Hardangervidda ! In summertime we use Hardangervidda a lot, and Tove had once a perfect 13 days stay there in the winter. Hope to se videos from your trip!

Dan Wesson says:

Awesome! As always, Susanne posts terrific videos. And this one is packed with information.

Otto Oome says:

Girl you Can talk! Was this trip on the weekend jan 30-31 2016? And is this in Germany? Nice video. I wonder what your film gear is?

M00nsplitter says:

It sounds like you have crossed your Ts and dotted your Is pretty thoroughly and I hope you have a glorious trip across Hardangervidda. I’ve spent many a Summer vacation on the plateau and love it there; not so much snow but lots of blood-thirsty mosquitoes that you won’t need to worry about.
Will you be crossing from South to North (starting at Haukelisæter) or from East to West (starting at Geilo)? Wherever you start and end, it will be beautiful, and I hope the cabins (turisthytter) won’t be too congested.

Gia Schlossmühle says:

Great Video Susanne! Thanks for sharing! Atb Martin

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