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My first video.


sam pjk says:

Fuck that battery lmao. The best 510-thread battery for pre-filled is by Brass Knuckles. The 650 mah battery. The best cartridge is Alpine though, by far.

phivunguyen83 says:

hey ismokeherbs710 could you do a review for hash artist farms. If you are in the LA area i make sure someone give you some to try out i just want you to post up something about it.

Well of Souls says:


EverydayArtist says:

Scissors. Really

Rana Frog says:

Brass knuckles gorilla glue

Downfall 9thcircleofhell says:

It goes up to 200 I have the same k box 200

The Herben Legend says:

Sheesh $30 a half gram? Y’all got jewed

AikoCheat says:

want to try this so badly..

Santos Carrillo says:

1/2 gram for $30 oh no no no lemme catch my son you tubing 1/2 grams the heck

jerszak says:

What country is this? They speak my language, but they don’t look European.

Adude Ajlomi says:

Y’all retarded

phivunguyen83 says:


Syefer says:

Bruh the highest you should go on that would be 3.7 that huge thing is not for thc cartridges lmao

person says:

i cant tell if they are really high or asian

Sir Tokes says:

Hell yeah better than brass knuckles brass knuckles taste like they added flavoring the apline had more of a bud flavor but still had that vape flavor which I prefer

Richard Ma says:

naw wat im sayin

Juan Gómez says:

Not Einstein here …. but you probably should be in your place and shit. NOT AT THE FUCKING WHEEL (I dont care if you guys are parked) ….. Good shit though 😉

Salomon Cruz says:

Alpine beats the competition

Mr. Bigglesworth says:

I know the comments already chewed y’all out lol but you could actually brick your box mod with that cartridge.

luis barreras says:

cool video bro, what camera did you use?


Always ask if they have been tested at sclabs. brassknuckles recently just got caught using pesticides in their product

Nathan Smith says:

I looked up their site and as usual, this is not an E-liquid as it does not consist of primarily PG/VG, this is considered an oil or concentrate not an e-liquid…not only that but medicated e-liquid was patented by somebody else early last year, hahaha this cracks me up;) Know your facts shmmm…

Edwards James says:

Dude you’d get way more fucked up if you puff and hold it for 10secs.

Dulce Carbajal says:

Lmao y’all chill we need a sesh ahaha

Miguel R. says:

Hell yeah, asian stoners! They’re always so chill i swear

Super says:

Nice, black interior in that SC!

Kevin Hart says:

Where can I buy this

Arman says:

This or the la habana de cuba?

Kenny Habibian says:

why are you hitting his cartridge like as if you paid for it what the fuck he smoked you and ur friend out props to him for smoking both of u out

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