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Snowfeet, the next revolution in winter sports! A combination of skis and skates, that brings the thrill of skating to the slopes!

Snowfeet attach right to your winter shoes or snowboard boots.
They fit in a backpack, so you can take them anywhere.

Join us and get onboard with the next big winter sport!

So many people are excited about this new winter sport, it is going to take the world by storm. Some even assume it will be the next Olympic sport.

Use them for downhill on and off the slopes, in snow parks, through forest trails, and even for cross-country skiing.

Snowfeet are extremely light and small, so they fit into any bag and are easy to carry around. You don’t need ski boots or any other heavy and expensive equipment.

Snowfeet were developed by two college friends from the Czech Republic. They came up with this idea after they forgot to bring their skis on their trip to the Alps in the winter of 2016. They tried skiing downhill wearing only shoes and had a lot of fun. So when they came back home, they decided to develop the first short skis that could be simply attached to any winter shoes. Of course, they soon found out that such products already exist and the oldest ones are hundreds of years old. So they decided to develop the best snow skates ever, spread them all over the world and make snowskating an Olympic sport one day.


Corto Tertell says:

Hi, i read that the size range is 7 to 13 recommended. Do you think i could use it while i’m wearing size 14 ?

Josef Kratochvíl says:

Totally wicked!

Tonny Johnson says:


Akuei tice says:

OMFG awesome

PureGood People says:

Why?. This is so fucking useless

BadlandSurvival says:

So by review you mean biased commercial?

Zbyněk Šuba says:

Check out some customer reviews:
1. “Love it! Lot less gear to carry around, no more carrying bags, boards, skis and ski poles!”
Gregor, Austria

2. “The shipping was faster than I thought. Really great customer service, thanks :)”
Nate, USA

3. Brilliant time in Zurich with new Snow Feet – my son loved them.
Julia, Switzerland

4. Thank you for your product! Snowfeet / this product is EXACTLY what we were looking for. keep doing does it will bring joy in people’s life.
Pierre-Yves, Canada

5. That’s what ski vacations are about!
Enjoy Whistler

5. Truly amazing product! Like ice skates for snow. Love them!
Ashley, USA

nothinghammchannel says:

I want these!

Aneta Ručková says:


HotRodYT says:

This looks so good… my mum goes on snowboarding holidays every year i would LOVE to get a pair… then i could go with her.. btw im over 10 and under 18

zestydude87 says:

Amazing….send me a pair and i will test and review them

Sloan Kettering says:

I’m sorry, 1k years ago skiing was invented? also, you can only do LESS than what u can on normal skis only people who have never skied would think this is a good idea

Jay Blanco says:

Where can I buy snowfeet at ???

Ray Parker says:

Can u diliver

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