In this video, I am testing the Atomic Bent Chetler 100, J-Skis The Vacation and Vishnu Wide. I test these 3 fun all mountain twin tip skis in boot deep powder, on the slopes and in the park. It was a great time shredding these 3 similarly wide but very different skis.

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Scott Artzer says:

Really appreciate all the original content, keep it coming!

jacob gill says:

Can you do a list on cheap ski options

l-ll_ll`lGl2Y says:

Great review! I’ve been waiting for this one for a few weeks. Can you please make a video of how to ski switch & how to hit jump from switch and how to land switch. Thx!!

Trey Middleton says:


aps1s says:

i need those Atomic’s more than my next breath

hüseyin çetmen says:

what do you think about armada arv 106?

StuntTV by mofa says:

Hey guys, try out the Lib Tech ufo 100 , they are pretty fun

Mikael S-P says:

What about the head cores?

ChaseRechel says:

No Icelandic nomads?

hüseyin çetmen says:

armada arv 106??

Jarred S says:

Anyone ski with the new K2 poacher or marksman skies?

Westy says:

Do you mind telling us how tall you are? Thanks a bunch for these videos!

Oh Spook says:

What Atomic helmet do you wear? I have the same goggles and I love that helmet& your style!

Butch Flowers says:

Excellent reviews! I wish more people reviewed skis like you

bartolomeonew says:

What is the recommended length for skis of this type?

Anton Zverolovlev says:

What do you think about Armada ARV 106?

ryanrunss says:

No Icelantics??

Cedricjuhhh lol says:

Can you please review the Armada Arv 106?
I want to buy them but I dont know if its good for me…

Andrew Watson says:

what about rossi black ops 98?

Bogdan Maslovskiy says:

Hi, I recently started to love freestyle skiing but I don’t know what skis to use.
Right now I’m using non freestyle atomic s MAX I think.
I tried freestyle skis but the bindings were too centered, and felt I was skiing worse. What should I do? Are there freestyle skis that are less centered?
Thank you in advance

Larry Fitzgerald says:

Can somebody help me?
Where is the difference between Faction candide 2.0 and prodigy 2.0?

Toby Bregar says:

Can you do some reviews on skis like the moment deathwish and the line sfb?

Trey Middleton says:

On3p kartel 108 vs armada arv 106 vs whatever you want (like a sir francis bacon or something)

Andrew Watson says:

armada edollo?

Gnarchitect says:

For this category, I love my Candide 2.0s. Although I am curious about the Bent Chetler 100s since I use the full 120 version for my powder skis.

Grimaldus says:

So I plan to starting with tricks next year, thinking about joining your camp next year and looking for a ski.
The Bent Chelter 100 is on my list but I think I will go with the fischer ranger 102 fr. Did you ski this as well or can you say something about the choice for a park beginner?
I’m a strong skier looking for a fun ski for the hole mountain including tricks.
At the moment I ski the atomic vantage x 83, wich is great but want another ski to ski more off piste and in the park.

Thanks for the tutorial.

Best regards

BiggEarsButtNoHears says:


freakyflow33 says:

Why bother review a Vishnu ski, no one has these skiis unless they ski street in the city. How about some skiis that people actually use or sell on stores?

Soang Parnishkul says:

Love your approach with the reviews. Real ski reviews for freestyle oriented skiers. Keep them coming. Also please throw in an ON3P ski. Would be interesting to see how they stack up.

FUSE says:

Can u do a video about all mountain skis for teens or children like 140-150 sizes

Jeewoo Chung says:

Can u please review the 2019 K2 Poacher??

Great video!

luka says:

How about Elan ripstick? Did you ever use them?
Edit: Sorry I forgot that skis from the ripstick line aren’t twin tips.

Akram Potrebin says:

Thank you so much! Please recommend skis with good butterability and for powder for advanced level. As I understood there is a gap – the more butterability the worth in powder, but anyway – is there any skis in the middle of that? I wanna say are there any small hacks, I mean – if I buy skis with a good butterability may I increase stability on landing – to buy skis with a lil bit longer skis.

BKInbound says:

WhAt Is ThE WidTh oN EacH Ski?

Thomas Miller says:

Could you compare the atomic to Rossignol soul 7… in America I saw the soul 7 everywhere and want to know what makes them popular and how they feel

dmytroy says:

BC 100 is also my every day ski. I have the 188cm version(I am 178cm 81kg). They are surprisingly floaty in deep powder as well. Couple more things you can add to the reviews is how well they do in soft/hard crud and in bumps. BCs are awesome in soft crud, not great in hard crud(but neither are the other 2 you reviewed probably), nice in Moguls but mine too long I think 180cm would have been better there.

Peachey 01 says:

Vishnu or atomic?

Shawn McKinney says:

how tall are you

zeveshe says:

Great review! Skis look taller than you, do you pick them longer on purpose and why then? Sizing charts usually recommend skis 10cm shorter than a skier or so. I am a complete beginner, have no idea, therefore asking.

Piotrek Labecki says:

Bent Chetler’s 4 live <3

MrTHX92 says:

quality of bc 100 sucks, if you considering to buy this ski, expect good performance, bad durability

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