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After 7 years in development and hundreds of hours of testing, the Salomon Team felt ready to put the new Shift binding to the ultimate test – 10 days of hard skiing from a remote basecamp in the mountains near Revelstoke, BC.

Featuring the skiing of Chris Rubens, Leah Evans, Josh Daiek, Alexi Godbout, and Benoit Sublet.

Music by The Siege courtesy of The Musicbed

Producing: Switchback

About the shift bindings :
The new S/LAB SHIFT binding ushers in the next generation of freeride capability, blending the touring efficiency of a pin (low-tech) binding, with the performance of an alpine freeride binding.


jean kevin patoulachi says:


Florentin Haunold says:

Ohh yeah! Makes me stoked for winter!

Guille M says:

Crazy vid, loved every single bit of it

Lö Kub says:

that´s a promotion video I like very much! *wank*

TheMrEnge says:

I’d like to see how it preforms under the most challenging conditions on longer hikes. I.e starting by sea level with warmer wet snow, moving up towards the peak where it gets colder, freezing winds where that wet snow starts turning to ice.
In this vid it seems they have constant cold temps, dry conditions, awesome conditions. But not really rough for the binding.
If there is alot of tech/moving parts in the binding (the toe piece is mentioned in the vid) that could freeze, Id be really interested to see how it holds up and what has been done to prevent these types of issues. Not sold just yet, but tempted for sure!

Mark Brand says:

3:22 Oh gosh I don’t even want to know how long it took them to get those skis back…

TheElderScrollsKing says:

A. U. S. T. R. I. A !!!!!!!

0811adam says:

I hope this is what heaven is like

Constantin Schäfer says:

Probs to the whole Salomon crew
Now I really wanna buy this binding 🙂
And I think if someone wants to promote their product, their need to show the functions of the product as reel as possible.
Well done

Giger Productions says:

hey salomon! Nice story telling. But if you wanna really test the binding, you got to hike up and ski down on tricky conditions, icy snow! creating a tech binding that holds in powder is one thing, but to ensure security in icy conditions is the holy grale youre talking about.

MF says:

3:22 when bae says she’s home alone

maggel man says:

Take me with you next time please

Backcountry Banana Boy says:

Ahh so stoked!

Stratos Titopoulos says:

What’s the name of the song at the beginning

Guan Max says:

Yo the season is about to start in Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eat Sleep Ski says:

im listening to music that is perfectly in sync with everything in the video!

jean kevin patoulachi says:

parfait pour l’helico bonap

Spencer Parkin says:

So i bought a pair of shift bindings and i’m excited to try them out this winter. I’m still a bit skeptical, however, when i hear from reviews and ads that the bindings are the perfect solution to the problem they’re trying to solve. I’m sure that there is room for improvement, and that in the coming years, the shift binding will evolve and get better. That said, i think they’ve gone in the right direction, and that’s why i was willing to take a chance on the binding. The shift binding is driving toward the perfect solution to the problem i’ve had: which is having a binding that can tour, but also give me some confidence in reliable release characteristics on the down-hill, and give great down-hill performance. In general, the more moving parts and the more complex something is, the more likely it is to break or ice-up, so we’ll see how the binding does in practice as it becomes more widely used. There is also some concern as to the thickness of the binding in how high it requires your boot to sit above the ski.

alerizzibuzz says:

Love what you do and how you do it.

Alba Adventures says:

Wow.. Just floored.. Totally. This is amazing ..

Mark Jacobs says:

One word…Dynafit.

MultiJebusChrist says:

Remember when Salomon Freeski TV still existed and they made short-format documentaries around interesting people and places in the world of skiing? Now we just have Salomon TV tricking us into watching ads and running videos. Y’all done fucked up.

Stormer says:

That is sick!

Robert Borunda says:

I’ll stick to the sled

Alba Adventures says:

How long did it take to get that wood stove in there? Was that brought in by sled or did physically tow it. Star lineup for this story..

David Bruce says:

JUst got my QST99 and stoked to get out ,,, great vid

misterfunnybones says:

I have a brand new pair but they can’t be used, don’t point, don’t look at them…

Srim3359 says:

by far the best promotion I have ever seen

Camilo Auersperg says:

Sick! Need to check out that binding. Where can I book such a ski trip? I mean the freeriding + camping

Théo Coutard says:

Les français ont vous repère à 10km quand vous utilisez la langue de Shakespeare.

Decatombe says:

Just love the french accent :’)

Black Mamba says:

This is torture!

Luca Castegini says:

Which backpack are they using?

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