Rossignol Soul 7 HD Review (2017)

Rossi adds a little carbon to the Soul 7 to improve stiffness and stability at speed, but are they fixing a ski that wasn’t broke? From the 2016 SIA On-Snow Demo Day, Copper Mountain, CO.


stephen bennett says:

I watched this review and your prior one with great interest.  I skied the 2016 Soul 7 the Sunday before the Super Bowl in 10″ of new at Winter Park.  I loved how it turned effortlessly in the Mary Jane and Eagle Wind trees.  It did exactly what I told it to down the West Headwall of the Cirque.  And we finished the afternoon in the Vasquez Ridge trees.  I became a hero at tree skiing!  I did notice the chatter at speed and less edge hold than my other ski, the Blizzard Brahma (duh.)  So I wonder, does the sweetness you like about the 2016 include ease of turning in the trees?  I am 6’1″, 175# strong advanced skier.  I certainly don’t need a Cochise, but maybe a smidge more stability in the Soul 7 – but not at the expense of ease of turning in the trees.  Would you recommend the 2016 for its sweetness or do you think I’d enjoy the 2017 with its carbon?

Pauly Dee says:

Hi Andy,
I’ll start by saying that I was a never huge fan of the soul, but I did appreciate it’s playful nature and I do own a pair. I tend to like stiffer skis so I though this update would suit me. Definitely not. Yes it’s stiffer, but now it feels totally dead. The edge grip is just a bit better (not worth it though), but all the playfulness/fun is gone. If you want a stiffer 100m ski, there are better options out there. I did not enjoy anything about the current update.
The skis that really stood out for me were that Enforcer 93 and the K2 Pinnacle 95 which totally surprised me. The Enforcer 93 is more performance and hard snow orientated than the pinnacle but yet very playful. You would never think that it has two sheets of metal in it. It’s super quick edge to edge, playful and fun, but when you crank up the speed and lay it out, the performance it totally there. I did try the 100 as well, but personally I would pick the 93 due to it’s hard snow performance and loose a bit of float. The Pinnacle is a tad softer than the 93, but yet still solid on the hard pack. However it has more float than the 93 (so if you’re more after float, there’s you’re choice). It’s actually reminded me a bit of the original Soul 7, but it has the edge grip that the Soul was missing with that playful nature. It’s what the new Soul should ski like. I totally recommend demoing both. I’m sure you’ll enjoy both sticks.

svenmega10022 says:

Real men ski on Atomics.

Justin Kaye says:

The soul 7 is totally great on hard pack. I use it to bomb down slopes of the east, but I take it out west for the pow.

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