NEW Volkl Racetiger SL Demo skiing Reilly McGlashan

testing out the new Volk racetiger SL demo for 2018/19 season. These are the first few runs on this ski to see how it performs.

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Peter Alan Stone says:

Skiing poetry in motion…

RAR says:

Some A-framing on the medium carve but apart from that exceptional skiing.

gendashwhy says:

This is the smoothest Ive seen you in any of the videos that I have watched. I skied for Nishizawa for a quick minute in the late 80s. Remember the Japanese for their smoothness and flow. Watched a clip of Stenmark skiing out there too. Making it look as easy as breathing. Thanks!

Corn Dog says:

So smooooth

John Doe says:

Superb skiing Reilly. I love how your legs and ankles look work as one from the start of the turn. Have you got any tips on how to keep the inside ski at the same edge angle and direction as the outside?

Happy valley Valley says:

Hi Rio

Santi I. says:

Reilly, I’ve been following your videos for quite few years now. Your technique is flawless and your videos a total pleasure to watch, and I know you know my former mentor, friend and country fellow Pinky Fernandez. (I definitely see R Berger in your skiing without question). But I wanted to ask you about the following, I presume some might have perhaps questioned your narrow stance and whether there should be a bit more of legs separation, particularly if it comes from the pro racing schemes. What would you say to that topic when it comes up? Best regards.

JOHN L. Superskier says:

How many runs did you take until they were good enough for the video?

Short Turn says:

That guy is a great skier. Showing a bit of Korean/Japanese influence.

Peter Ohman says:

Reilly has a lot of good ideas, unlike most Australians who are a bunch of dickheads!

AdariaSeeker says:

Great job!

Hip on the snow spotted 😛

Williams Postoronnim says:

Why are this flashing titles in video? Not a good idea… for watcing.

Andrew Nash says:

Awsome Video!!!
love it !!!

Sebastian Rusin says:

You are my MASTER!!!!

Giovanni Robbiani says:

Great video!

Brian Robin says:

Who is your coach/has been most influential to your skiing?

年中下痢気味男 says:


Hexen Sage says:

Thanx for the video. Any thoughts on these skis vs. Head Prestige? Which ones will you choose?

Istvan Szoke says:

How steep those slopes were?

Steady Eddie says:

Very smooth and accurate.

Jens Bjerring says:

1:50 is filmed in Kiroro at the Nagamine 2 lift, right? Keep up the nice vids, your technique amazes me every time!

WV JETS says:

Did I see excessive vibrations in the tips?

z kolend says:

Does putting on the ‘new Volkl RacetigerSL demo’ mean that even I will be skiing like that once I click into them?? -:)

Raymond Gilkie says:

Is this ski a different ski from the Racetiger SL pro (17/18) you reviewed previously, if so could you us some of the differences, stiffness, dimensions etc. tks

massimiliano ortodossi says:

Hey Reilly lots of cybernetic skiers in the comments here. Please post when you get it some vid on steeper and hard terrain to shut them up. Catch ya later!

Gery la grande says:

I’m a skiing instructor myself and i have to say your turns are absolutely perfect! Wow nice to see some great inspiring vids to get me over the boring summer 🙂

bar xtra says:

been living in kokkaido for nearly 28 years and jus started to ski 3 seasons ago.skiing is all i wanna do watching your vids.great tecknics. hope to c u on the slopes next season.

TheKisei says:

Hi Reilly — how does this compare to last year’s model?

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