How To Buy Skis

Hey everyone, welcome back to Mountain Vibes.
Todays episode I go over the different types of skis.
Listed below are a few different skis from each category. Thanks for watching.

All Mountain (Groomer)

Dynastar Legend W80-

Elan Explore 8-

All Mountain Wide

Blizzard Bonafide-

Blizzard Black Pearl 88-

All Mountain Twin

Nordica Enforcer 93-

Faction Prodigy W-

Powder Skis

Blizzard Sheeva 11-

Elan Ripstick 116-

Skis Featured

Faction Candide 4.0-

Blizzard Rustler 10 (MY SKI)

Elan Ripstick 94 W-

Dynastar Legend W80

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John Smith says:

If I mainly ski on piste but do like to go off piste sometimes for fun, would you recommend an all mountain wide?

LouisDTV says:

Subscribed, always gotta support a new ski channel and a Vancouverite to boot. Keep it up!

Rick van Drimmelen says:

Good summary. – worth viewing for a first or second time buyer of new skis.

michael coyne says:

Good video thanks

GuitarHickNick says:

Best ski buying video

Kenny Talpa says:


Andrew Smith says:

If by chance you see this, I wanted to ask your opinion. I live in Ohio and have been hitting the ski resorts around here for the past 3-4 years and this really started to get good at skiing. I know Ohio doesn’t have the real mountains but I have hit Peak n Peak and some other resorts with rentals and been looking to buy my own gear. Im 6’2 250 and want to buy skis for resorts, I have no interest in rails, but do hit jumps occasionally, however I am more into pure speed on the trails. What would be my best options for skis/binding? There are some many terms that im unfamiliar with and I do not want beginner skis that I will quickly need to upgrade so like what are some solid intermediate-advanced skis that are worth it for the price?

Great video by the way!

Goodssman says:

I need help. Im 6’1″ and wanna ski, ive done it before on rentals but switched to snowboarding but really didnt like it and im switching back. What would you recommend if im gonna be skiing on resorts and stuff. Thanks

Kööör Jimmy says:

Hello IM pretty new with skis and i always rent my skis and i wanna buy my own now and i love to do everything with skis so IM looking for skis that is for everything if it exist like normal riding, moutain, jumps, slalom, off road , grinding etc what kind of skis should i buy

Daniel Smalheiser says:

take off the music! awesome video!

Trey Hampton says:


Jonathon Mattingly says:

If it where my first pair of skis that I actually own should I get the bindings already on or should I buy them separately? Also, would amazon be the best bet for skis?

patrick fleming says:

If you’re familiar with the blizzard magnum 8.0ti skis, are they a beginner friendly type of ski or strictly advanced?

Ava Hinson says:

Are the park skis tipped at both ends?

Miki D says:

I would like to go for recreational skiing, I would like to be able to do : fast, sharp and easy turns…
not necessarily doing tricks or going off trail.
What would recommend : groomer or twin skis? Thanks

ninaa1515 says:

Hi! What length of skis would you recommend for a 5″1 adult? When I use rental skis, they always give me 140cm skis and I’ve been trying to look on craigslist and other places for such but they always have those sizes as YOUTH skis. I am a beginner, I’ve gone skiing maybe 5 times now and have been able to clear green lines and a blue line. Should I purchase youth skis or look for adult skis?

Resh says:

Hi 🙂
Sorry if my English is bad but
I have been skiing since 2 years now and I’m looking for a park ski for me ( I know wich one I want etc.)
Im 177 cm tall and the Ski Is 173cm long so do you guys think this one is good? Thanks for the help 🙂

j boy says:

Thank you. Super helpful.

carpetrug01 says:

What does groomers mean? “strictly groomer ski” Does that mean it can only be used at ski areas where there are trails and they are groomed with the ski groomer machine?

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