Faction Candide 2.0 2017/18 On-Snow Review

We review our on-snow testing impressions of the Faction Candide Pro Model, specifically the 2.0

This is a ski that’s rapidly approaching legendary status, and for good reason. It’s one of our favorite ski lineups in the all-mountain freestyle category, and the 2.0 is one of our favorite all-around skis in that 100mm waisted segment.

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August Menetre says:

That’s a crime to mount those all mountain those are park skis!!!

alexsedman1 says:

I picked up a pair of last seasons 2.0 in an end of season sale earlier this year.

I’m 6’2″ and 200lbs and I got the 184’s as that was the longest they offered last year. I’m now wondering if they may be a little short. (Im pretty sure the ski hasn’t changed since last year)

I’ve not had a chance to try them yet, do you think I’ll be ok on the 184’s? I ski a mix of groomers, park and sidecountry and looking to push more off piste.

I know the answer is to try them out, but it’s a couple of months till I get to go skiing yet and it’s making me nervous! 🙂

Dave D. says:

Did you mount these at the recommended center mounting point? Do you think it would be a bad idea to mount a few cm back? The width and flex are what I’m looking for but not sold on a symmetrical ski for all mountain use. Always mounted close to center but not exactly and never had problems riding switch.

l-ll_ll`lGl2Y says:

How do you compare ct2.0 to prodigy 2.0 except the width difference? I mounted my 3.0 at CT line, and I felt too much tail in moguls. It also felt very catchy on icy snow until I added half degree base bevel. Do you notice the same thing on 2.0? I’m looking to get a 90-100mm ski like 2.0 series or Sky 7 hd for daily and mogul use. 3.0 is a little too wide for me to use on hard conditions. What do you suggest?

PureriderNr2 says:

….no kickerjumps, no butters, no rails, no boxes….such characterics should also be reviewed exspecially of a park/allmountain ski…..

Olivier Balmat says:

What’s about a skieur to make the video??

Michele Mizejewski says:

Great thorough review. What do you think of the Icelantic Nomad 105 compared to the Candide 2.0?

Andy Green says:

How would you compare this ski to the Black Crows Camox? As well as the Armada ARV96? This is the widest of the 3, however the more symmetrical tip/tail. Any suggestions for a guy coming from snowboarding for the past 24 years? This was the first season back on skis in that time and I rode a bunch of different skis this past winter and looking to purchase this off season. Not necessarily looking for a park as much as all mountain, but your description of this ski sounds like I’d have a lot of fun on it with the style of skiing I’m looking for.

Plantaris says:

what other skis do u recommend in the all-mountain freestyle 100 mm waist category besides the CT 2.0? u mention in the video that u have a few other favorites as well

ninjapr01232 says:

Is this castle mountain

damyoulookinfly says:

Sweet review. Where did you have the skis mounted? You might’ve mentioned it in the video..

Nick Linacre says:

Great review. I just enjoy watching you ski on them too haha. I’m pretty new to skiing but progression has been fast as I have been snowboarding for quite a few years and some of the skills i.e. balance just transfer over really. I think the CT 2.0 are perfect for what I want in a ski. Kind of a ‘do it all’ weapon.

Andrew Ream says:

I thought it was awesome that the way you described your skiing style is spot on to mine. I’m really interested in these skis.

Charlie Koehler says:

The 3’s and 4’s are great for big mountain because they are stiffer.

Max Walker says:

I’ve heard that these skis can have some durability problems. Have you had any trouble with this? Also what kind of length would you say for someone around 6′ ft cos I was thinking the 184cm. Thanks.

badnews says:

doesn’t look like you ever had your outside ski up on edge even once – you simply washed out every turn – might be cool for pow but there is no way you could get any sort of crisp carved turns on groomers with that wide a waist

borja says:

are the candide 2.0 good for normal piste?? I’m looking for a pretty much all mountain freestyle ski, that is also good in normal piste

Jhangir Akhtar says:

Hey, great video! I just bought a pair of this today as my only ski. I wasnt sure about where to mount the binding so i just told them to mount it at the all mountain line because ill probably not gonna be in the park that much, but now i regret that after seeing the comments here. Havent tried the skiis yet. Is it a big difference between those to lines??

Farfield Amplifiers says:

Just ordered a pair of Candide 2.0 2017/2018 with Marker Griffon 13 with 40% discount 🙂 Can’t wait to try them out.

Vince Austin says:

Straight forward review and replys, I like it. Just purchased these in 188, cant wait to ski them. Maybe more terrain diversity in the video and speed would be nice but really liked the review. Hard to see these as a park ski though, too wide in my opinion.

lucas73590 says:

hey nice video ! i just bought the 2.0 2019 with a pair of look spx 12 and i don’t know where to mount them ; should i mount them right in center of the skis or a bit on the back ?

Butters Stotch says:

What bindings are you using on your ct 2.0’s? Would Tyrolia Attacks do fine on this ski?

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