Classic Game Room – ALPINE SKIING! review for Magnavox Odyssey 2

Alpine Skiing review.
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Classic Game Room reviews ALPINE SKIING for Magnavox Odyssey 2 from 1978, a 2-player skiing game with downhill, slalom and giant slalom! Ski down the mountain for the best time with the fewest errors without crashing into trees (triangles)!


NinjaPiece says:

I think Mark might be jealous that Mark Cerny was chosen as the PS4 architect lol.

bucketslash11 says:

reminds me of the game where you ski and then a yeti comes and eats you, don’t remember the name

then8mac says:

That’s because the Vectrex comes with a gentle tanning mode.

AfroSnackey says:

I never noticed but Mark’s complexion is actually really nice.

metroidhacker says:

I wish I could be that gangster!

Jordan4Ibanez says:

Lol trolling?

TheAnkle says:

I have no idea what you just said

marthaymydear says:

I stille have this game, played this when i was a kid! It was quite fun in those days 🙂

Pedro says:

I like when you hit a tree and turn into the starship Enterprise.

Bartosz Szafarz says:

lol clicked “like” before i actually watched the video… it was save though, ’cause this is CLASSIC GAMES ROOM! >:D

Man1cmanMario says:

What the heck this Oddyssey game sounds like the Sticky Keys on a PC when they play it! XD

Oh, but I will be sad when they do away with splitscreen gaming overall! 🙁

TheAnkle says:

I was talking about this game, Alpine Skiing

mraveneyesinmistm says:

So true…

valgalder says:

hilarious review, good job.

Snoozey says:

you must be young 😀

then8mac says:

I had a wood TV back in the day. We had to water twice a week.

Pixel_Geist says:

I miss thouse full-color Game instructions. I just bought NFS: the run, and it came with 3 black and white pages, ffs.

cgraham6 says:

I wish I still had my Odyssey 2. Pick Ax Pete was so awesome.

Ryodakun says:

I love the background music.

eateroftheflame says:

That was the exact same console, they just used a different name in Europe

Games 101 says:

This was way more of a gameplay video than a review. Still cool though.

LunaDij says:

Back when I was -17 years old…those where the days.

MrJoshimitsu1 says:

the player looks like the Enterprise wen he hits a “tree”

John Jenkins says:

Beach volleyball scene from Top Gun. There we go: trivia!

Ross Clement says:

It’s funny but when the skier hits the tree it looks like the star ship enterprise

googleboughtmee says:

yeah i wish

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