Bushcraft Girl – UL solo all-terrain alpine ski tour with cave bivouac overnighter.

First time out with the amazing Voile Vector BC touring skis (fish scales!) and Atomic Backlander touring boots. You can even rock climb in them. Amazing…all-terrain setup for an all-terrain Girl.


Gary Nolen says:


carroj9 says:

I may have missed you showing it somewhere so if you already do ignore me lolbut I carry a light nylon snow brush for my clothes and two smaller ones different widthsfor my boots and skis which also come in useful for other snow tasks too. Love your videos I learn so much each time I watch and on re runs learn things I missed the first time, I have years of experience in the outdoors but there is so much amazing information and different ways to look at things I had not considered before. Thanks again and bless you for sharing these adventures.

Drwh1skey says:

Great video enjoyed every minute

Bushcraft Bryson says:

HI , I am 14 and do survival and bushcraft videos, please check out my channel .

mark duncan says:

Cool Camp!! And nice snug warm fire!!

Mary McN says:

Excellent trip out and very ‘cool’ to sleep in a cave . Love that, but our caves over in Scotland are usually all wet! Might not be such a nice experience. Cheers Mary

Mishka says:

Susanne, what bivy bag do you have here please? Thanks and greetings from Prague.

david clarke says:

hi Thanks for the video good one

Michael Zlab says:

Very good video Susanne! A lot of fun to watch and great scenery! Your new set up looks WOW… Lot’s of versatility. It seems they work very comparable to snow shoes in trekking?? Da? Skins are something new to me? Not familiar with that..Any way… You are always a lot of fun and interesting adventure!! Thank you!

willythewave says:

There is nothing more wonderful than hanging out with you and enjoying your experiance through your videos. Thank you for the lengthy upload.
I wish I was there with you, I would keep your feet warm at night and fix you something hot to eat and keep the fire going. :):):)

I sent you a message on skype wishing you a merry christmas….and another one wishing you a happy new year…..I haven`t heard from you since you were in the hotel room before christmas. 🙁

Stay safe my friend, and know that I love you Susanne Williams. 🙂

Message me when you get back! 🙂

I Love You 🙂

Are those apple trees in the background at your home @ 42:30?

Circumpolar Bear Cult says:

Super videos! No offense intended, what is your country of origin?

danhold1 Holdcroftski says:

Great job,

mark duncan says:

I would love to be up there with you ” Bushcraft Girl”!!

sandor139 says:

Watch out inside the caves Susanne. If you have any gun, keep it near you. I’m serious in my words.

Wilfred Oikle says:

Wunderful mountain country. Now if I was just 60 yrs younger… Unfortunately the glory days are over. Keep the vids coming super girl. From Bill In New Hampshire, usa

rockyhillperson says:

Thank you so much for showing ski setup. I am here in Colorado and will setup like that in the future. Keep sharing the knowledge!

Harry Black says:

Awesome video! Really visually great but focusing on really key principles and smart information as opposed to the more gear obsessed channels on youtube!I really appreciated the attention to little details and kit organisation!
You mentioned paying extra for goretex bivvy bags but I was suprised to find really cheap british military goretex bags on ebay. The arctic version is around £25 while the standard field one is about £20. They are way better than the civvy versions Ive used but unfortunately very ugly.

Yio Kalai says:

you are not solo…somebody use the camera in soma views, and near the fire was tow pair of shoes 8=)))

BillieBird Outdoors says:

Thank you Susanne… lots of good information and beautiful views! 🙂

CountryLifeTales says:

Just found you today via Survival Lilly. What a great channel you have. Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks with us.

Rickalls Outdoors says:

Good stuff, check out my videos and subscribe! cheers

Stu M says:

Watching yours and Sepp’s video’s are like going on short vacations, plenty of nice scenery to enjoy and looking so majestic. Great advice on gear, and where to put it! Love how you share your wisdom with us all, best wishes from the hippy 🙂

Ine S. says:

Your videos amaze and inspire me. Thank you.

Steintanz says:

Thanks very much for all the info and details!!

RVFreeDa says:

Amazing! Thanks for the video.

Charlotte Forrester says:

My god where’ve you been Susanne ? A real human , your more fun than most fellas lol . Keep doing doing what you’re doing love your spirit .

MysticKnight38 says:

Just a thought, but for winter I would pack extra supplies like freeze dried stuff. For example for one night I would be ready for three nights. Just incase you get stuck. Granted I am not in the elevation you are, but my winters can and do get into mid -20’s to mid -30’s ambient temperature add in a wind and it is just evil. Better to try and ride it out then make it back, and safer to, and that is easier to do if you planned for it.

Stella P. says:

Your videos are so chock-full of your good advice, your knowledge and beautiful surroundings that I have to watch them at least twice for everything to sink in! Okay, I’m slow…:) I appreciated your idea of keeping as much often-needed gear within grabbing distance as possible, and being aware of your body’s needs, your buddy’s condition, and your surroundings. I come from So. California so desert knowledge became pretty mechanical to me but now I’m in a colder environment (Michigan–not nearly as extreme as your area!) so I’m learning the mechanics all over again! Such good advice for beginners and experts alike.

JD Corry says:

Great video ( and cool cave ) Susanne. Here in New England our caves tend to be voids under glacial boulders so the snow doesn’t stay out very well.

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