The reason we made this video is to help you to understand what kind of ski that you may need for your type of skiing. I feel this is video was important to do because it is so easy to want to have the same ski as your favourite pro skier but chances are you do not yet ski as well as he/she does and you may need something different to have the best chances to learn new tricks, butters and more.


01:37 Line Blend What you get:
+Low speed playfulness
+Low to medium speed carving
+Ok boot deep powder

02:37 Line Blend What you don’t get:
-Stability on landings
-High-speed stability on groomers or crude
03:15 Conclusions Line Blend

04:08 Völkl Wall / Revolt 87 What you get:
-Speed (race base)
-Extreme stability on landings
-Edge hold (carving at high speeds)

05:50 Völkl Wall / Revolt 87 What you don´t get:
-No playfulness (They are not here to play they wanna to dub corks etc)
-No powder performance
-No low-speed butters and manual
07:15 Conclusions Völkl Wall / Revolt 87

07:50 K2 Poachers What you get:
-Medium “butterability” maybe the best for butters thanks to the medium flex popping back.
-Medium carving performance

11:11 K2 Poachers What you don´t get:
-Edge hold on ice
-High stability

12:19: Who should have which ski?


Karambit Marble Fade fn says:

Good alternatives for the first 2 skis are:

Line blend= Armada b-dog 2018

K2 poacher= Armada Edollo 2017 or 2018

Dimitar Ivanov says:

Faction CT2.0….2017 ? What do you think ?

The Boye says:

after skiing the poachers for almost a full season i have absolutely fell in love with them. they are the best ski i’ve had for park. they are stable but i can still swerve around the mountain. they make you feel confident. i have tried the blends in pow and i think they are shit in pow. too soft. the poacher works 100x better in pow.

Giorgi Topuria says:

i ski on head supershape but i want to buy second skis for ski park. i have no big experience of ski park but i want to learn. which twin tip skis would you suggest which will be kind of allmountin and ski park skis ? 🙂

C P says:

1:45 i’ve never seen a ski that soft before.. how do people ski that? jesus

Tengiz Dzhishkariani says:

What do you think about VOLKL REVOLT 95????

Вадим Андреевич says:

But such thin edges at these LINE

OregonKid Productions says:

Get the line sir Francis bacon. Works for everything, literally. Just not the most durable

This Guy says:

I have the 2016 poachers and I want something softer and poppier. Are the 2017 poachers and volkl revolts softer or more rigid?

S Kr says:

Man i love this series please just keep doing reviews, u get to learn so much and for someone like me thats looking forward to buy a ski this is just perfect

Mike Hoffman says:

Please review a J Ski and ON3P. I’m curious how something like the JSki WhipIt or AllPlay compares to the Line Blend.

Basically Pro says:

I have arv 86 so I don’t really know where they go
I know some one who dose cork 7 with line hunney baggers
My coach is really good he dose like dub 12 and sais that the K2 poachers are the best skis he has ever owned
Vocals are just a go hard have fun ski

Oktawian Gornik says:

this material was perfect for a green park skier like me

FIN-dude says:

Are faction ct 2 like those middle skis? How about armada arv 96?

adam Jonsson says:

Can you check out armada ardente zero

Arvid Boss says:

Nu skulle jag vilja veta vilka skidor du föredrar flr mig som åker i Östra Ravin(Åre) och sedan bränner genom slalombacken för att kunna hamna i parken och hänga ut treor i de röda hoppen( + kanske en och en annan 270 av från pvc rör). Känns som att jag åker som Candide Thovex( över hela berget)

Kenneth Bohac says:

Yet again this is the best, most informative, user friendly ski channel around. Bump ski review?

alex flynn says:

Any ski recommendations. I just started park this past season and can do 180s, grabs, boxes, and some rails. I almost have 360s down. I have a pair of volkl ledges which are stiff and was liking for something with more flex. I am also a racer and am used to a stiff stable ski. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Kahu 22 says:


Brxndxn V says:

Völkl Transfer 81 ski review

ThePoweradez says:

YOU’re my favorite pro rider!

Gustav Lundeberg says:

Gör en sånhär med skidor typ ett par ca 100mm midja, ett par ca 110mm å ett par med ca 120!

thejameslestitian says:

where would the ON3P Magnus fall into these categories

Joshua Morris says:

really like these types of videos

Jon W says:

you do a great job with these videos. very informative,and very understandable. thanks for the work.
if you get to chance to test a bunch of 85-90mm in the waist, that would be awesome.

itaiullmann says:

thanks! great video.
can you please name some other skis that are the same type as the k2 poachers?

corby36 says:

How about the Line Sir Francis Bacon?

Hollyweed says:

Great explanation. Btw what is the correct height of the skis to have. Does it matter?

Antoine Wetta says:

K2 Poacher is actually one of the stiffest skis under foot ! Which makes it very versatile but I heard complains from pros, that are not heavy enough and would love a slightly softer flex under foot.

magnus sten says:

what do you think about the atomic punx five?

Henri Haikonen says:

Hej Jens, thanks for the awesome content. Can you make a video about how to get ready for off-piste/ ski touring in an unfamiliar ski resort/mountain. How to plan the route, what to bring along.

Vasyl Makukha says:

As I understand K2 Poacher very similar to Armada ARV 96?

Der Kofferfisch says:

Can you do a review to the K2 Press? Because i can’t decide if I should buy a poacher or a press.

danpopov234 says:

Armada Edollo, ON3P Magnus, And Vishnu Wets. if you gan get a hold of them

Billy Hagan says:

Love where this channels going atm with consistent mix of reviews and tricks, keep it up dude

Manu Romillo says:

Thank you very much for all your videos! I´d love to see an Armada ARV review aswell!

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