2020 K2 Mindbender 90 Ti Ski Review

This week on Chairlift Chat Bob and Jeff review the new 2020 K2 Mindbender 90 Ti. Such a versatile, fun all mountain ski. Check it out!

Full Review: http://www.skiessentials.com/Chairlift-Chat/2020-K2-Mindbender-90Ti-Ski-Review

Mindbender 108 Ti Review: http://www.skiessentials.com/Chairlift-Chat/2020-K2-Mindbender-108Ti-Ski-Review


Andreas Haller says:

Really great review from the 90 Ti!!! Can you also please do one for the 99 Ti? Thanks

Noah Isaac says:

Will you do a review on the mindbender 116?

aty0006 says:

How would this compare to the rustler 9? They seem very similar. Looking for a new east coast one ski quiver for next season. Both seem to hit the mark!

Julien Melendez says:

Damn… one of the least convincing reviews I have ever seen. Where is the energy or excitement?

fernando g. aguirre says:

Jeff makes the best and more honest and detailed reviews!!!! Thanks Jeff!!!!

Brian Ho says:

This is real sking – dynamic and speed.
The skill is touchable, which I expect able to perform in the near future too

Bine Žalohar says:

This is painful to watch, how bad the skiing is. How can be this credible information???

Quenten Jones says:

Bruh. The over-the-helmet fleece hood thing is an abomination. I can’t even.
I do freaking love the Mindbender series!

Daan Wesseling says:

How do the Volkl mantra m5, the head kore 93 and the mindbender 90 compare in your opinion? Which one is best for powder snow and which one the most versatile?

BieVH says:

How does it compare to the Rustler 9?

gc3 says:

You used to recommend the Pinnacle to intermediate skiers as a good choice to grow with. Does the Mindbender still fit that use ?

Also, what defines an intermediate skier to y’all ?

nom chompsky says:

The real star of this video is Bob’s hood! How would you compare these to the new Experience 88s? I have some 2 year old Experience 84s and I’m looking to replace them with something more versatile off piste

Austin Salzillo says:

What’s up Jeff! I am currently having a miserable time deciding between the Line Blend 2019 and the K2 poacher because they are both on sale. I know that both would be a good choice for me, I ski here at Killington and want a ski that can simply do it all but it’s a matter of which does it all better. I love to do groomers and steeps in the morning before they get tracked out and later on I hit the trees then go to the park at the end of the day. What do you think would be a better choice for me?

Gabriyel Prado says:

Where do you get those hoodies?

Johann Winkler says:

Really cool review it’s a lot better when most of the video is just you guys skiing. It’s more refreshing that way and all the important infos are still given. And if you wanted to learn more you could just read the article. Keep up the great work,greetings from Germany.

P.S Thanks for all the good Infos on the RUSTLER 9,bought it this season and it’s a blast.

Charlie Hollister says:

Enforcer 93, Kore 93, Mindbender 90. How would you say these 3 relate to each other? I got to ski the kore and loved how smooth it was turning and how stable it was in the air, but the sizes offered are really awkward.

Cpt_Easykill says:

Have you also tried the 90c? If so, how does it compare to the 90ti?

danny says:

Enforcer 88 vs Mindbender 90?

Reza Khalvati says:

Beautiful review!

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