2019 Top 7 Mens All Mountain Skis by SkisDotCom

Ski season is almost here and that means it’s time to start checking out all the great new gear for 2019. Here are our picks for the Top 7 Men’s All-Mountain Skis of 2019. We’ll go over all the greatest new technologies, and designs for the upcoming season.


kajak1985 says:

I’m thinking about getting the Vantage 97 C or the 97 TI, is the TI worth the extra money? I think I’m not going to be able to use the 97 TI to its full potential…
I would say I’m an strong intermediate skier on piste that is just getting into of piste skiing and all mountain skis. As these would be my first pair of all mountain skis I’m leaning towards the 97 C…
Are the 97 Cs too soft when skiing on piste?

Lars Freeburg says:

I’m surprised the black crows didn’t make it in

Michael Perez says:

Don’t get me wrong I’m with you that all these skis are great but I don’t see anything from Armada, DPS, Moment, ON3P, Black Crows, etc. Basically it’s all the same old big companies that most shops carry. It’s a solid list but I’d rather support a USA handmade ski company.

B Law95 says:

Rustler 9 is the best of the bunch hands down. Blizzard is delivering some of the best skis on the market for every type of skier. Sickday would get my 2nd place vote

skyy2 says:

Would have been nice if you could have mentioned the specs of the skis …available lengths , tip tail and waist measurements …side cut radius etc….otherwise nice review !

Lars Freeburg says:

Also how did the Kendo not make this

Oscar Sanz Querol says:

No Armadas ?? What the …

Grand Inquisiteur Celestin says:

Mantra ?

The king_mellon123 says:

We’re are the armadas at??

John Wood says:

What about the Armada Tantrum’s? Are they good?

Dan G says:

What would you guys say in comparing the Kore 99 to the Sky 7 HD? I currently own the 2018 sky but am looking for something more confidence inspiring on edge, and at speed. Great vid

Niklas Dolch says:

Whats do you think of the new Fischer Ranger 102 fr?

Michael Hunt says:

All great picks. I’m really curious about the Volkl M5 Mantra and how it will stack up to some of these skis.

mixitrix _05 says:

Can you make a video about The best Skis to do tricks on?

Dave Hoover says:

All great skis, but Stockli, DPS and Black Crows can handle a very wide range of conditions and are light and fast!

David Reservitz says:

It’s not 2019 it’s 2018

Ivan Legorreta says:

you should also show the tail of the ski on the reviews

urbanrunoff says:

I rented the atomic vantage 98c last year for the one day of fresh snow I was able to ski and I really liked it, too soft but fun. So the new Ti might be prefect for me.

Daniel Ferguson says:

what do you think of the Volkl 90eight as an all mountain ski?

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