2019 Men’s 90 mm All-Mountain Ski Comparison

We’re excited to present our new SkiEssentials.com video set, and equally excited to kick off our ski comparison articles and video. To start, we’re looking at men’s all-mountain skis in the 90 mm waist width range.

Full article with links to more reviews and product pages: http://www.skiessentials.com/Chairlift-Chat/Comparing-Mens-90mm-All-Mountain-Skis-2019

Don’t feel like watching the whole video? Skip to your skis of interest:

2:20 – Blizzard Brahma
4:30 – Volkl Kendo
6:20 – Kastle MX 89
8:40 – Liberty V92
11:20 – Atomic Vantage 90 Ti
13:20 – DPS Cassiar 87 Alchemist
15:20 – Salomon XDR 88 Ti
17:10 – Rossignol Experience 88 Ti
19:10 – Dynastar Legend X 88
21:10 – Nordica Navigator 90
24:40 – K2 Pinnacle 88 Ti
26:20 – Nordica Enforcer 93
28:30 – Blizzard Rustler 9
30:50 – Salomon QST 92
32:50 – Head Kore 93


Msjoq says:

Hi, I have moved to the canadian rockies to ski here for a season and I’m not sure what ski I should go for. I am a pretty advanced skier growing up close to the alps, however I used to mostly ski on groomers and on skinnier carver type skis though I did venture out into deeper snow sometimes. Now that I’m here I’ve heard that theres a lot more powder and off piste skiing available that I want to try. I am thinking of the Kore 93 due to it being able to do groomers well while still allowing me to explore other parts of the mountain too. Is that correct?

Jeff Spicker says:

Kastle MX89 is one hell of a ski. It will get you to the bottom in a hurry and make no excuses for how you got there. Im out West (Tahoe) and these only come off for POW or “mogul” days.

Wes Westbrook says:

relax man, quit clapping

Stephen Bogli says:

I am looking at a few of these for a telemark kit. I used to ski the Rossi B2 bandits and love to make quick tele turns. I am leaning towards the Nordica Navigator 90. Anyone with any experience or thoughts?

Vince Tornillo says:

Great review! However, shorten the intro. Thanks

First Timer says:

I want to add a ski to my 122 powders and simply can’t decide which waist I want… Most of my skiing is done in Japan and New Zealand… The 122’s still work on NZ slopes, but the smaller waist will work better… I do ski up to 6hrs when I’m out and I’m a Salomon lover, but the Dynastar or Volkl seem to be great…? Maybe 100mm is a better transition waist from 122?

Adnan Muranovic says:

I’ve noticed you guys don’t seem to review Line skis; any particular reason?

Markus Jolliff says:

nice presentation… some of your wording assumed that your audience was all male… peace

B says:

beautiful approach and philosophy, refraining bashing. keep it up

Cheerscake says:

Dude! Awesome walkthrough and overview! YT definitely needs more of this.

ALADDIN2198 says:

Hi Jeff, Can you tell which one is lighter between Atomic Vantage 90 Ti and Head Kore 93?

Daniel Arsenault says:

Can you do a review focusing on skis good for icy, hard, groomed hills?

HardwareG33k says:

Fantastic video. You clearly know a lot and are passionate about the subject! I’m 185cm and between 75 and 80 kg’s, upper intermediate to expert. I’m looking at the Experience 88 Ti and the Enforcer 93, I think the Brahma is too stiff for my liking and the XDR probably too soft. The Rossi’s with that vertical metal and the Nordica with the thinner sheets seem to be right in that middle, is that right? I’m also wondering about which length I should go for with an All Mountain Ski. In the Enforcers I’d definitely go for the 185 as the next shorter and taller sizes are too far away, but the Rossi comes in 180 and 187 so I’m not sure whether the 180 would be too short or the 187 too unwieldy. Could you shine any light on that for me? Thanks!

Jw K says:

Brahma is Great Ski and It is demanding. I went with Bushwacker which is Minus Titanium of Brahma.
Hope it’s still fun.
Carving was my key focus when picking out skis, groomed side Blizzard will do, and powder side, Head Kore 93 will the the job.
Also, I used Ceramic Coat for Kore 93, additional protection.

Kurt Johnson says:

Does anyone actually watch this 35 min video, finish and say “ah, sweet, I know exactly what ski to buy”??
Basic take away… do you want a full two sheet metal or lighter carbon layup ski?

I’m in the spot where I would have to try at least half of those skis to truly understand any of the comparisons. Your videos are good but really doesn’t help decide what ski to buy. It would almost be better to do head to head comparisons of very similar skis and declare one better than the other. 99% of people don’t have time to test all these skis

Anthony Sears says:

really, 90 mm skis. Yuck. go skinny.


Literally can’t decide between the enforcer 100 and the soul rider 97.

Vedran Crnojevic says:

Great video. Where would you place the Elan 88xti on this wall? Thats my current ski. I am thinking on upgrading to 100s, but I am not sure which ones to buy. Thanks

JpBalist says:

Hey guys. Great review. Any plans on reviewing the Black Crowes Daemen? Where would that ski fit I. The lineup review here? Far right, far left, or middle?

Turn It Forward says:

Would be great to have the ski name and specs on screen as you go. I gotta keep rewinding to make notes!

Jakob Guldager says:

Great reviews. Are you gonna do one for wider skis as well?

Alan H says:

Fisher ranger 90?

Alex S says:

Just want to say I bought the Head Kore based off of your review, and absolutely love it, couldn’t be happier. These reviews are amazing!

Ben Carney says:

Love your reviews man, i’d suggest investing in a ‘lav’ microphone though! They’re pretty cheap and will take ur vids to the next level

richard975 says:

Do I need to wax the Kore 93s? If so how often?

Cameron Ward says:

Get on with it.

Theodore C. Wozniak Sr. says:

if this dude claps his hands one more time……

iLoganC says:

Highly recommend that your next upgrade is a nice lapel mic!

Michael R says:

Great review as usual. What’s your home mountain?

John Smith says:

I’m a skier who really loves groomers and my dad is a snowboarder who loves hitting the powder so I really want to improve my off piste skiing so what ski would you recommend out of these if I was to ski 80% groomers and 20% powder? I am intermediate-advanced / advanced. Thanks!

I’m mainly looking at: Volkl Kendo, Atomic Vantage 90 Ti, Salomon XDR 88 Ti, Rossignol Experience 88 Ti, Dynastar Legend X88, K2 Pinnacle 88 Ti & Head Kore 93!

Mike G says:

Curious about the Elan Ripstick 96 black edition and how it stacks up to the Head Kore 93-99 and how different is it really to the original Ripstick the green one 😉

WorldWideRide says:

Seriously AWESOME review and presentation! Thanks

Chris Westmount says:

Jeff? Fantastic Presentation! You nailed every ski and just said it like it is. Best review out there.

kayakutah says:

Thanks for showing the tails so we can see the degree of rocker – or not – in the back!

Mikkel Hansen says:

What about the Armada ARV 96 2019?

Clint Smitheman says:

Seriously, had to suffer 5 seconds of a Dumpf ad first.

Agnosticarab says:

Please stop clapping your hands out of nervousness


Hey, i’m a ski race coach and grew up racing. I have the cochise and Im looking for a ski more focused on carving and off piste on non powder days. I ski very aggressively and am 225 lbs. Would you recommend the Brahma or Enforcer 93s?

Ski Guy says:

Always great videos. I am torn between the QST 92 and the Kore 93. I spend a lot of time in the trees and am want to learn to ski moguls this year. Any suggestion for which one would be better for moguls and quick turns between the trees while still retaining some stability in typical firmer east coast conditions when I am on the trails?

Michael Stathopoulos says:

I’m torn between the QST 92 and the Rustler 9. Any advice which direction I should go? I’m a high level intermediate skier, and I ski both east coast and west coast every year.

Bill Phelan says:

Incredible that you have not looked that Renoun skis. Their technology is a complete departure from all those in the industry. Surprised you are not picking up on that.

Michael McKenna says:

This was just terrific. Thank you very much. What do you think about running those Enforcer 93s at a slightly shorter length? I’m 55, 180 pounds, 5’10’, and an aggressive skier. I am especially interested in something I can run hard and fast into tight trees and steep terrain on days when there’s lots of crud and hard pack and not much in the way of fresh turns to be found. What length would you suggest?

Reiberle says:

I love your videos.
Currently I’m using Voelkl Racetiger SC UVOs but I would like to have some Skis for those whiteout heavy snowing days.
Any suggestions, was thinking about the XDRs

Johann Winkler says:

I can’t decide between the Blizzard Rustler 9 and Rustler 10.I live in Austria and we don’t get that much powder.I SKI 60% off piste 40% on piste.When I’m on piste I ski fast but playful (hitting jumps on the side of the piste…).In general I prefer a playful SKI that is able to carve a good turn.Thanks in advance.

David Gunther says:

Nice set. I watch your video’s all the time. Next thing you guys need is a microphone clipped to your shirt. I’m not kidding. Audio needs work. (it’s not horrible, but it could be better if you’re looking for improvements)

Kenneth Bohac says:

Well done. Nice complement to the in-depth individual ski reviews. Helps put everything in context. Thanks!

Gregg Nelson says:

Thanks for the well-done in-depth overview! My situation is that I’m just getting back into skiing (at 60 y/old) from about a 10/12 year gap. I was trained to ski as a kid in the old “super-parallel” style which I am realizing is not really good technique by today’s standards! Definitely not a strong carving style! (So I guess I need to take some lessons and re-learn!) Anyways, I have old Solomon Axendo Series skis which I am very comfortable with and are very stable at speed on groomed slopes. When I have demoed the new skis, I feel like I can’t ski very well at all. Of the four or five I tried, I think the K2 Pinnacle 88 (last year’s) was “less bad” for me. Any tips on what skis I should try? Thanks!

Cameron Ward says:

He lost me.

MrSeppZ says:

Thank you for this video. I’m looking for very light carving skis. Would you be able to point me to a couple? Thank you.

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