2019 Men’s 100 mm All-Mountain Ski Comparison

Here it is, our comparison of 15 different men’s all-mountain skis in the 100 mm waist width range! Don’t feel like watching the whole video? Follow the links below to the skis you’re most interested in:

2:15 – Kastle MX 99
4:55 – Blizzard Bonafide
7:00 – Volkl M5 Mantra
9:50 – Atomic Vantage 97 Ti
12:05 – Nordica Enforcer 100
14:25 – Fischer Ranger 98 Ti
16:40 – Head Kore 99
19:20 – Salomon QST 99
22:00 – Fischer Ranger 102 FR
24:20 – Blizzard Rustler 10
26:25 – K2 Pinnacle 95 Ti
29:30 – Armada Tracer 98
32:30 – Rossignol Sky 7 HD
34:45 – Liberty Origin 96
36:55 – Atomic Bent Chetler 100
39:05 – Flex Comparison

Full Article: http://www.skiessentials.com/Chairlift-Chat/Comparing-Mens-100mm-All-Mountain-Skis-2019

2019 Ski Test Results: http://www.skiessentials.com/2019-ski-test


Daniel says:

Great review and helpful information about the skis. Personally I miss the Black Crows skis in this category especially the Navis with 102 underfoot.
Greetings from Germany

yuwm canadian says:

300th thumbs up

Abe Tomco says:

It’s amazing that you memorized all of that info

Rajdeep Patgiri says:

Hi Jeff, awesome reviews as everyone says! I’ve been following your channel for a while now as I decide on my gear. I’m 177 cm, 78 kg (5’10”, 172 lb) and I ski almost exclusively in Europe. A bit of stability is important, but maneuverability is probably more so as I’m not a hard charger by any means (I don’t like Bonafide/Head level of stiff skis). I skied the Enforcer 100 (177 length) last year quite a bit and was thinking of buying it after skiing in all type of conditions. But this year I’ve changed my mind.

I’m probably 50/50 groomers vs. off-piste with a couple of day-long touring thrown in over a season. So, I’m leaning towards a QST 99, Shift binding with Lange XT Freetour 110 boots. What would be your opinion about it as a single-quiver, do-everything set up (weight vs. performance compromise without breaking the bank)? QST 99 as a pair is almost 600 gms lighter than the Enforcer 100. For QST 99, should I go for the 174 or the 181 length (I haven’t skied trees much, but would like to try).

If you’ve an alternative suggestion, I’m all ears!

ALADDIN2198 says:

We can’t ride all of them so this is best review for comparison.. nice work!

Giulio Fumagalli says:

Black crow daemon?

Kevin Lanuk says:

No black crows??

Ba M says:

What about Black Crows? Should be included in this comparison.

David Macdonald says:

No Black Crows? Strange omission.. Loving my Daemons..

Joshua Richter says:

Amazing reviews guys. Best online for sure. Q: I’ve skied Mantras for years, currently on the 2015 version, the red ones, perhaps the first year they were full rocker. I love their rock solid stability at any speed and on any pitch, but, now that I’m nearly 46, was sort of thinking I’d benefit from something with a tighter radius that I could better handle in the trees or when Tahoe gets bumped out in between storms. I also ski Alta and JH every year, so like a ski that can handle steeps and powder. So should I pick up the new M5s and call it a day? I’m intrigued by what you said about the Rustler 10s, but will I miss the stability of the Mantras?

Ian McCulloch says:

Great Review! Do you think the 90Eight fits into this category? Looking for a light all mountain ski (live on the BC coast). Looking for a one-ski solution that will be fun all over the mountain. Typically skiing with my two young boys at the moment, so spending more time on the front side than I like.

Mus. says:

salomon qst 99 vs enforcer 100?

zacmacrackin says:

Awesome reviews. Really helpful. Putting them all together like this makes it so much easier to understand the differences.
Keep up the great work!

fernando g. aguirre says:

Jeff… Im going to Revelstoke in couple of weeks and I’m trying to minimize my ski gear. I ‘ a decent skier and I want to bring only one pair. I do mostly grooms but I love to get off piste and trees…my choices are Salomon QST 99, Atomic Vantage 90 or Atomic Backland 109……? I never ski the 109……Thank you very much!

Geoff Chapel says:


Joseph DiGeorge says:

Unreal review Jeff!

Thanks for takin the time to make videos like this it really helps everyone out especially people like me that have to travel great distances to hit the slopes and try all the fun new gear.

One question for ya tho. I currently ride some atomic racing skis that were hand me downs from my dad. The problem is, I ride with all boarders who enjoy off piste riding. They love the pow and trees and with my 180 slalom skis that is pretty damn brutal for me. I struggle extremely badly to keep up with em and sink like no other in that beautiful fluffy lookin pow.

That being said, I rented some kendo’s last year in jackson hole and my god, it’s a completely different animal. I loved em!

However, I am wondering if I would benefit from a wider ski like the M5 Mantra which is 96mm vs the kendo 90mm. I would love to float on the powder like all my boarder buds do but I don’t go enough to buy myself a dedicated powder ski. And with that added width, is it still as manageable in the bumps and trees without exhausting myself?

A nice carver that doesn’t chatter at speeds is also a huge thing for me since I’m used to those atomic GS skis, the kendo’s were pretty good for that.

I’d love some feedback from anyone on here that’s tried both skis! If you have any suggestions that might fit my needs as well that’d be amazing!

Thanks Jeff and the rest of the viewers!

Kees Veldman says:

Hi SkiEssentials! Thanks for putting up these great and honest reviews! I got one question. How would you compare the Blizzard Rustler 9 to the Salomon QST 99?

Nick Zubrzycki says:

Hey! Great reviews!! I saw that you said you don’t have access to the Faction range, but I was wondering whether you have had any experience with the faction candide 2.0 and if you would recommend?

Charlie Hollister says:

Any idea how the Rossignol Black Ops 98 would fit in here? Especially compared to the Liberty Origin 96 and the Enforcer 100.

ScanPieceByPeace says:

Hi Jeff, very informative review. Sounds like you know your gear & I’d like to seek your advice as I’m @ a toss up between the Enforcer 100 & Pinnacle 95 Ti? Looking for that one quiver ski with an even flex I can take all over the mountain & you mention both being very versatile. I ski Tahoe the most but hit the Rockies a few days a year on top. I like to play around on the backside & dip through the trees & bounce through some bumps but also spend an even amount of time cruising the piste. Seems like both offer a wide range of options. The Enforcer sounds like a solid choice but as you mentioned about the Pinnacle, you can have it as the one ski to do everything & be perfectly happy. That’s where I’m headed in those regards. Any further advice between the two would be greatly appreciated!

Dee Ric says:

Hey guys. I’ve got Salomon BBR 10.0 Skis (in 177cm) and never wrote other Freeride oriented Skis. So I wonder how my old ones would compare to these reviewed ones. Salomon was marketing those BBR series so hard and suddenly they were gone very fast. So I am curious.

Troy Herrera says:

Great Review! I’ve been on a Rossignol Actys 200 forever, so way over due for an upgrade. Home base is Winter Park, CO. Working hard to get better in the bumps on expert terrain. Enjoy going thru the trees a well. Not really into cruzing on the groomed runs. Love the powder but powder days seem to be few and far between. Looking for an all mountain all purpose ski. What would you recommend for someone like me?

Greg Robin says:

This guy knows his $hit. Just incredible review very helpful

Robert Joynt says:

nice review! thanks Jeff

Bill Madd says:

First time I’ve visited the channel and website…great content! Maybe it was my imagination, but I felt like I could generally pick out what you were going to say about flex from just watching. Anyway…was hoping you could answer a question. I’m a decent skier, mid 30s age, prefer either cruising blues or steep trees, glades, and finding nuggets of powder. Realistically can’t stay in good shape anymore and have knees with issues. What’s a good ski in this category that will give me max time on the hill doing the slow to moderate speed stuff I prefer? I feel like I’m drawn towards the sky 7. Thoughts? Thanks!

Bernie Bauer says:

Currently skiing 2009 K2 Xplorer in the 177 length. I am 6′ and 175lb and live in the Midwest, so the typical conditions that I see are hardpack to icy, with occasional soft snow. I do get out west occasionally and will ski the entire mountain with a preference to ungroomed soft snow. Considering the Mantra M5 as a one-ski quiver, as from what I have read and heard performs well in all conditions. Do you think this would be an appropriate ski for me? Any others that I should be giving consideration to?

M. says:

Very well done.

Veronica Mars says:

A lot of other ski reviewers could learn a lot from watching your video…very impressive! I’m between a rock and a hard place, the choice between the Rossignol Sky 7 HD & The Salomon QST 99. Probably couldn’t go wrong either way…

Todd Cragun says:

Super interested in the MX 99. I ski the Enforcer now. Trying to decide if I should make the switch. Or even if I should go to the BMX105. Thoughts?

stickgs says:

How about the Elan 96s?

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