2018 Rossignol Soul 7 HD Ski Review

Rossignol has completely redeveloped their 7 Series skis including the ever popular Soul 7 HD. We talk about the changes and how they effect performance.

Full Review: http://www.skiessentials.com/Chairlift-Chat/2018-Rossignol-Soul-7-HD-Ski-Review


Todd Weiler says:

Nice review. I understand your pain trying to vocalize a skiing sensation in the various conditions on the average ski hill. The “one arrow” quiver for all conditions always has some trade-off. The demands on powder vs. hard pack Midwest ice conditions will always require different equipment and different techniques. Thanks for a through review. Now…where to buy them? LOL

Shawn Selby says:

Dang. Quite informative. Well done

andyram27 says:

These are the most objective and technically sound ski reviews I’ve found scouring the internet. Great job Jeff [and team].

Matthew L says:

Great review Jeff – you guys are killing it. Great customer service, responsiveness, guidance, etc. Just picked up my 2nd pair of skis from you, in addition to 2 pair of Rossi Pivots a few years ago. Keep it up!

Booster xxl says:

I am 179cm tall and weigh about 72kg and would buy the ski mostly for freeriding and also a bit for skitouring. Would you recommend me to buy the ski in 180cm or 188cm length. At the moment I ride a 182cm ski from salomon with a shape of 102mm in the middle but the ski isnt big and strong enough for higher drops and longer jumps thats why I need a new one…

Nico Rico says:

Do you sell the brand new soul 7hd 2018 on your website? I can´t seem to find them.

Le Leedler says:

I am not a Rossignol fan, there skis are sloppy in my opinion. They don’t usually hold an edge the way I feel they should, they can be too playful when you don’t want it yet flat when you want to have fun. I think there line is perfect for a beginner to intermediate skier but, I feel most more expert level skiers will expect more from their skis.

ehsan83 says:

how do these perform on normal slopes or when slopes are a big frozen at the beginning of the day? Is it true that you are slower on the slope with these compared to a normal ski?

Bud Collins says:


Martin Guglietti says:

what´s the difference between the HD and RD ones? Thanks! PD: Great review! 🙂

SkiGearTV says:

Nice turns, good review.

Tristan Jones says:

flex those fuckers

James Punter says:

Thanks for the video! Considering purchasing a pair, however how do they compare with the Sky 7 HD?

nvain3 says:

Great review! I am wandering if there is a difference between the women version and the men. my wife is 1.77 and 61 kilos, she did buy a ski a long time ago and said that it was too heavy for her, maybe the flex was too hard. would this one fit? I forgot to add that I couldn’t find the 180 for women, only 172 and i feel that will be too short for her

Nico Rico says:

Which bindings do you recommend for the soul7 HD 2018 for an all mountain use?

-Gustav Müller- says:

How good is the ski for skiing switch and like jumps. I’m not going full big air, but just casually. Was just wondering 🙂

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