2017 Men’s All Mountain Ski Comparison – 100mm Waist

We compare six different 2017 all mountain skis from Blizzard, Volkl, Nordica, Rossignol, Salomon, and K2

Full Review Article: www.skiessentials.com/Chairlift-Chat/Comparing-100mm-Skis

Full Ski Reviews:

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Enforcer 100: http://www.skiessentials.com/Chairlift-Chat/2016-Nordica-Enforcer-Ski-Review

Sky 7 HD: http://www.skiessentials.com/Chairlift-Chat/2017-Rossignol-Sky-7-HD-Ski-Review

QST 99: http://www.skiessentials.com/Chairlift-Chat/2017-Salomon-QST-99-Ski-Review

Pinnacle 95: http://www.skiessentials.com/Chairlift-Chat/2016-K2-Pinnacle-95-Ski-Review


death2pc says:

This crap is too wide for everyday use. It’s getting utterly out of control. People just slushing themselves around…………..

Richard Kott says:

The video is a great review of the skis profiled. I am currently skiing on older k-2 Apache Recons and am in the market for new wider lighter skis. I have tried the Bonafide and found it too stiff for the moguls at the end of good off piste runs. I have also tried the Volkl108 and find it too slow edge to edge. I am interested in your opinion on the Atomic Vantage 100, Vantage 95 and the Volkl98. I am 81 and have skied my whole life, still skiing the double blacks, but am ready for something a little more forgiving as I ski slower and am not as quick as I used to be so I avoid narrow tree runs and chutes.

Michel Rouse says:

Thank you very much for this recap. This is by far the most helpful review I have come across. I can finally make sense of all the specs and what each ski is designed for. Used to be a “need for speed” guy, but am contemplating easing off a little (so likely Sky 7). Three others on my radar are Rossignol Experience 100 HD (similar to the Bonafide?), Rossignol Soul 7 HD (similar to the QST 99?) and Scott The Ski (similar to the Sky 7?). Would you have any insight into these? Thank you again for the overview… keep up the good work!

Jeff Siminoff says:

where do Coombacks rate today ?

eaglesham photography says:

The guy skiing the mantra… awesome turns!

Ben Pascus says:

Excellent Video ! Learned a lot and well done dude …

Steve Moore says:

Awesome video!  Curious to hear your thoughts on the QST99 versus the 106.  In this video you seem to indicate that they ski fairly similarly to the 99’s you did the full review of, but most of what I’ve read elsewhere says that they ride quite a bit differently from one another.  Hoping you’ve ridden both and can compare / contrast the two.  If it matters, I’m 6ft, 175, advanced skier, ski Tahoe, looking mainly for something fun in the trees that can hold it’s own in a nice steep bowl and doesn’t suck riding the groomers back to the lift (or on those days where that’s all that’s available).  Thanks!

thebstring says:

Which DPS ski would you add and what would you say about it?

Jeff Howell says:

FINALLY a useful ski review that compares skis and a lot of them. THANK YOU! Think I am set on the Rossi Sky 7, but want to continue to research the K2 Pinnacle 95. If you have any other comments comparing these skis, LMK. Sounds like with the metal, it may be a little heavier and the Pinnacle 95 may be a little more hard charging. Thanks again!

Elchin Gasimov says:

Hi. great review. Which one would suit better for carving on piste/groomers; a little bit off piste and riding switch/backwards?

Juan Abreu says:

Thanks! This was very insightful. (:

G009131337 says:

would you mind sharing your thoughts about the atomic vantage 100?


The Raccoon Skis out of Quebec are a newer company but any chance you have an idea of how the Grand Duc (100mm Waist) compare to something such as the Bonafide?

Hans Hartwig says:

for east coast would these work?

jonahbleckertfield says:

Great video! I love skiing steeps, trees and am always looking for fresh snow. I was skiing on the Soul 7s for years but after demo-ing some other skis was finding their performance on the groomed runs really slippy a lot of the time when you are skiing all over the mountain. It seems like you are on groomers half the time whether you like it or not and often icy groomers at the end of the day. I ski Whistler in BC. I ended up buying a pair of Vantage 90s this year for those days when there is less fresh snow around and love them except less than ideal in the powder stashes. I sold my Soul 7s and am looking for the replacement for softer days with all-round performance. I think I have it narrowed down to the Sky 7, QST 99 or 105 and the Vantage 100…

Matt Bergs says:

skied all these skis and it the video is right on point.

Konsta Karsisto says:

RE QST: Flax is definitely used to provide vibration dampening. It has been used for that purpose at least in carbon bike frames, altough it’s use is not yet widespread.

Connor McReynolds says:

Just ordered the 2018 Enforcers from you guys, can’t wait to use them. Seriously, it’s so hard waiting for these skis

Kevin Wu says:

I was just curious, how does the Atomic Vantage 100 CTi stack up to these skis? I’ve demo’d a pair of those and loved them out West during a recent ski trip at Whistler. I definitely would love to try these models if I had a chance to and was curious which one of these would have similar characteristics or would be recommended for someone who really enjoyed the Vantage?

Ty Webb says:

Awesome job!

Ken Heinrich says:

Great video and comparison using terms and examples that make sense to me! I am in the process or replacing my 6yr old Volkl Gotamas (full rocker, no camber) with some thing that will perform better on groomers. I still want something to play in lighter snow and along the edges of the runs. I’ve got Volkl Shiros (119 underfoot) for powder days. I like big hard turns at pretty good speed and I find the Goat’s will slide and the tips will chatter. I’m seriously leaning towards the Bonafides. Road them for a weekend recently and was amazed with the groomer difference with a cambered ski underfoot! Haven’t had any camber since the Goats came home with me. I’m also seriously considering the Volkl 90Eights as the other option. I am curious why you chose to review the Mantra’s rather than the 90Eights? Can you give any insight into the 90Eights and compare them to the Bonafides? And can you confirm that the ’17 90Eights added steel to stiffen them up whereas the ’16 90Eights were straight woodcore? If so, I assume the ’17s will be more similar to the Bonafides? Thanks a bunch, keep up the good work!

Jeremy Bevis says:

Excellent compare and contrast. Very helpful description of the skis characteristics. Thanks.

Michael Perez says:

Great review! You definitely hit the nail on the head. Such a huge category for sure. I’m an east coaster mostly at Stratton and on many different pairs of Line skis. Have you had the chance to ski J skis Masterblaster? Blister gave it a great review but Taos conditions are much different than ours. Thanks

Gregory Lopes says:

Great video and a great comparison! You definitely helped to clarify some of my questions. I would love to see you do a review the Fischer Ranger 98ti. It is a ski that has been on my radar for a while. I’ve been thinking about buying it and would love to see you compare it to the other skis in this video. Thanks guys!

Jack Callahan says:

Thanks for the excellent review of these skis. Very informative and useful.

Josh Brownlee says:

Is that Stowe ?!?!?

maxdad05 says:

so glad i watched this, as i ski the sin 7, and I’m in need of a hard snow ski. i loved the mantra, but it got away from me a bit on hard charge that turned bumpy, as I’m only 155lbs, and now recovering from a bad get bike get off, that has left me basically scared to get hurt again. i actually thought of a ski that suited a “former” aggressive guy, like you described the pinnacle. so it may have been a sign from god that i came home and saw this. k2 here i come

Andrea Panigalli says:

Great video!! What about the differences between Mantra and 90eight?

Skiessentials.com says:

Hey Gregory! We’ll do our best to get out on the Fischer Ranger 98 Ti sometime soon! I know a few local skiers who ski them almost everyday, so I’ll see if I can cross reference our experience against theirs after we’ve skied it.

matthew flack says:

Hey guys great video and article, I really enjoyed it. Are you going to do something for the 85mm to 95mm All Mountain Front skis ?

Theo Macris says:

Great review. Do you have an opinion on which ski might have the best edge hold on hardpack/icey Eastern slopes. We see lots of Volkl RTMs, Rossi Experience 88, and Brahmas but not so many in the 100mm range. But I was kind of looking for something that would work better for me out west but still cut like a knife on eastern hardpack.

Tom M says:

Demo’d the QST99 yesterday on a whim. Exceeded my expectations in a variety of conditions at Whistler in the bowls and on icy groomers.

Josh Lee says:

anyone wondering about these guys, I’d say just give them a try. Great sales and promotions, and their sales staff are super friendly and responsive. They’re also active on EpicSki, and always provide a wealth of information on new and upcoming skis. I’ve bought my dos cassiar 85 from them last year, and will be buying from them when I get the enforcer.

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